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Episode reviews for Episode 5.21 - Roz And The Schnoz

Avg. Viewer Review: 84.7%
Number of Reviews: 24

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in the top five !, Oct 09, 2006

Reviewer: steven from liverpool ,unitedkingdom

hilarious .this is an episode not to missed ,and one you you can watch time and again . i had to pause to wipe tears from my eyes,the timing of the gags is fantastic. watch with an iron lung at hand.

Rating: 90%


Great Episode!!, Jun 09, 2006

Reviewer: Jennifer from Minneapolis, MN, USA

This is one of the funniest sit com episodes I have ever seen. There were several part where I literally laughed out loud with tears streaming down my face. Very, very funny!

Rating: 95%


A seven-league misstep, Apr 22, 2006

Reviewer: Dan from Boulder CO

The only reason to see this episode is to show you how important the writing is to Frasier's success. This is just dreadful - in other words, it is on par with most sit-coms. Even the mighty Frasier ensemble cannot save it.

I cringe to think of someone seeing this as an introduction to Frasier. It is in complete opposition to everything Frasier stands for . First and foremost, it is just plain dumbbbbbbbbb. It's insulting to the characters and the audience. Making cheap fun of people's physical appearance - especially the tired old big nose prosthetic- what is funny about that ancient gag unless you are under 15 years old? Desparate overacting to try to force audience reaction? What show am I watching? Oh, it's....Frasier? Watch for unconvincing hysterical laughter.
This episode has real value. It makes you realize how fine the writing typically was. This script cannot be saved even by these greatest of comic actors, gamely trying their best to save this dead gobbler from putrefaction.

Better editing might have helped, but the premise was so flawed, there was no extricating it from the iron jaws of banality.

This is one of the very very few episodes I would refuse to sit through again. This is probably the ONLY episode I was prepared to terminate before it was over, but I didn't because I expected, somehow, they might actually they could pull it off - they almost always have, after all. Not his time.

Amazing proof that even the greatest writers can fail spectacularly.

This may actually be a must-see (once only) to show just how bad this series could have been. I am soooooo thankful...

Rating: 23%


'Roz And The Schnoz' review, Jun 30, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Roz becomes worried for her unborn baby when she finally meets Rick's parents and they both turn out to have exremely large noses, causing everyone to struggle to keep a straight face. While this is hardly the most sophisticated humour in a 'Frasier' episode and the Garrett's noses look unconvincing, it's infectiously silly enough to work, with a very funny moment when a furious Frasier walks into the kitchen to tell off Niles, Martin and Daphne who have all collapsed into helpless mirth, only to break into hysterics himself shortly afterwards. Daphne mistaking Frasier's gift of a cheap pair of earrings as genuine sapphires makes for some good comedy and I like the ending with Daphne consoling Roz about her baby's future as it's rare that we see these two characters sitting down talking together.

Rating: 80%


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