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Episode reviews for Episode 11.23 - Goodnight Seattle

Avg. Viewer Review: 94.2%
Number of Reviews: 33

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A perfect end to a perfect sitcom, Jan 08, 2008

Reviewer: Streetworker from Manchester, UK

This is the best last episode of any sitcom. How fitting that it should be the last episode of the best sitcom ever.

Rating: 99%


Cows? a Wedding? A Delivery?, Nov 16, 2007

Reviewer: Brenda from Oregon, USA

I don't know, I really was disappointed by this episode. I had not seen this episode until I bought the season set, and well, I don't know. Even my 14 year old son agreed with me, that the last episode was very disappointing after 11 years of clever laughs with Frasier... I guess what can you have left to come up with after 11 years? The other years were good, and that is all I have to say. I love Frasier anyway.

Rating: 45%


A perfect ending compels me to write this review, Jul 18, 2007

Reviewer: Shumit Rehman from London,UK

It had to end like all good things. However most series endings leave you either wanting more or failing like a damp squib. Frasier's last episode - which I have waited almost a year to see as I was playing catchup - was perfect icing on a very good cake.

For the first and probably last time ever I shed tears when frasier said his goodbyes to his family, not because he was saying his farewells to them - he's going to be seeing them anyway off and on - but really each character was saying goodbye to us. The characters are so well drawn that you even know how they are going to say goodbye to Frasier(us), but it is so well done - without being over-sentimental - the twins of triumph and disaster merge so well as they have done over the last 11 years.

The rest of the episode was pure Frasier which I think we all know what that means and unlucky for those that dont.

I must thank Frasier and all his gang for 11 years of fun and I must also thank this website's owner for allowing us to express our affection for this show.

Rating: 94%


The Final Episode, Jul 11, 2007

Reviewer: Marytherese from Independence, Ohio USA

Since going through one of the worst times in my life right now, I was home ill from work due majorally to a case of nerves, to hear that poem was a present. I will repeat it as many times as I can and will have it printed an in every room. Right now is the hardest thing I have had to do in my life, besides watching my mother die due to Alzheimer's. I know David Hyde Pierce can appreciate that, but now having to do what I am about to do, with out a hug from my mom makes it all the much harder. As I sit here in tears, I can only thank God for me being in the right place at the right time for that poem was meant for me to hear!

Rating: 100%


why didn't he end up with roz?, Feb 27, 2007

Reviewer: jenny from bognor regis, england

almost perfect ending to the most perfect sitcom ever. maybe the writers thought it too obvious for roz to end up with frasier but in this instance to hell with original endings and i'm certain a lot of fans would agree with me!

Rating: 95%


Masterful, Nov 06, 2006

Reviewer: De Worde from UK

I've just been watching Season 8, possibly the worst of Frasier's seasons....
Once a show has jumped the shark, the chances of it recovering are infinitesimal. And then there's Frasier.
Congratulations to the writers of Season 11 for restoring Frasier's glory!

Rating: 99%


the last episode of frasier, Nov 02, 2006

Reviewer: Iain from Edinburgh, Scotland

hi, i'm iain, i'm 16, and i have been watching frasier since the beginning. Frasier had brought something out of me that i had never felt before. Whenever i have a bad day at school, i would stick frasier on, and then suddeenly, i am calm as can be, i feel all of a sudden at one, it sounds silly i know but i can't help the way i feel. When i heard of the last ever episode of frasier, i was so depressed, even though i knew it was coming, don't know how much i was upset, but i would carry on looking over the episodes i had taped for a long time to come. To everyone at frasier, good night, and thanks for all the laughs, your pal, iain.

Rating: 100%


good night, seattle, Sep 17, 2006

Reviewer: ALEECAT123 from ks, usa

I cried at the end. Like many of you, I wish D & N could have a show of their own. That way, we could see the evolution of the family.

Rating: 100%


Goodnight, Seattle., Sep 15, 2006

Reviewer: Kyle from Belfast, Northern Ireland

To strive, to seek, to wait.

I am not one who cries at films or programmes EVER, but the scene were Frasier was quoting the speech on The Frasier Crane Show brought a tear too my eye - which was a first, and still a last.

Niles hyperventalating was absolutely hilarious, bravo to those writers! I will miss Frasier a lot. Concernly, I still have to wath Seasons 5-8 as I can't find them anywhere!

Goodnight, Seattle.

Rating: 98%


It can't get any worse - cos it's the last one, Sep 04, 2006

Reviewer: David Jones from North Wales, Great Britain

At seventeen, I have been a big fan of "Frasier" for a few years. It used to be so wonderfully funny and a delight to watch but, in my opinion, this final episode ends on a low note. Even with two of Frasier's best writers - Joe Keenan and Christopher Lloyd - it is a bad episode. This sitcom should have finished after Series six or seven and I think it was a spent force by the time it reached its final - and eleventh - series. There are a few things I don't like about this one. For starters, Richard E Grant is far too posh to play one of Daphne's brother's, Robbie Coltrane was just there for the sake of it, the bit when Fraiser and Charlotte play the word game is cringeworthy and Martin's girlfriend is far too annoying for words! In Part 1, we see shades of what the episode could have been in the plot where Frasier and Niles organise Dad's wedding. It could have turned out brilliantly farcical like "The Innkeepers" but didn't. Instead, in Part 2, we get taken to the vet's where Daphne gives birth, (with Niles fainting - he had to really and I'm glad he did) after which we see a mildly amusing segment in which everyone thinks Frasier is dying. This bit does use some clever wording however, which makes the misinterpretation understandable, but it's a bit of a cheap joke all the same. The part when Martin's chair is taken out is quite moving, even if that same scene when Frasier seems to be at a loose end and phones Lillith is a bit mundane. Maybe if the episode had been more farcical and fast passed it would have been better. The poetry reciting seems a bit too much sentimental for my liking, too. And so we reach the end of the road and Frasier reaches the end of the run way. I think his last line, "Wish me luck" (as I wave you goodbye, pehaps?) is a great one and I especially found Niles' last line quite moving too. David Hyde Pierce seems genuinely chocked up when he says, "I'll miss the coffees". I too will miss the coffees, but I won't miss the bad (tossed salad and scrambled) eggs that were the final few seasons.

Rating: 20%


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