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Episode reviews for Episode 11.11 - High Holidays

Avg. Viewer Review: 97.1%
Number of Reviews: 22

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Up With The Greats., Jan 01, 2008

Reviewer: Dean Mather from UNITED KINGDOM

The best of the christmas episodes,even though Frasiers son Freddie appears(aargghh) but thankfully is underused and is decked out as a goth,adding some amusement to his annoying,horrible persona. Anyhow,I digress,Niles and Martin shine,Daphne is hardly seen(yippee) and Frasier gets stitched up by a beautiful TV exec.Martins performance at being stoned ranges from amusing(his laughing out loud at the door) to silly(dog army) and Niles gets chuckles aplenty from his drug research and use of street talk,excellent episode.

Rating: 92%


Probably the best, Dec 22, 2007

Reviewer: Sepheryn from Northern Ireland

I love this episode! It's one of my favourites. Niles is hilarious.

'You're stoned off your ass!' lol

Rating: 100%


Excellent!, Aug 10, 2007

Reviewer: Rosie from UK

One of my all-time faves, and without a doubt the funniest of S11, High Holidays is without a doubt a certain classic.

When Niles is upset at never reaching the rebelling stage in his life, he decides to get high on reefer. Unfortunately, Roz gives Marty the pot brownie and, cos Martin's on a diet he can't resist taking a small bite...and finishing the lot. So, he buys a new one, gives Niles a normal brownie...and hilarity ensues.

The plot was so clever, the subplot involving Frasier making an advert for Seattle tying in perfectly with the main plot.

A must-see episode.

Rating: 97%


High Humour, May 30, 2007

Reviewer: Jeff from Tucson, AZ USA

One of my top 10 Frasier episodes ever... and one I always show to the "Newbies".

I think this is clearly some of JM's best comedic work. He's absolutely brilliant, his reaction to the video, and then when "Eddie Speaks" still makes me laugh even after a dozen viewings.

Every one of the cast has a great moment or two here and the episode is loaded with little memorable quips like "Dog Army" "Fridge Pants" "Ghoulfriend".

This one nearly has it all, wit, farce, and even a little screwball comedy.

Rating: 100%


Favorite Episode, May 28, 2007

Reviewer: fraiserfan from wish I were in Seattle, WA

Frasier is a great show. I'll never stop watching the reruns. But of all the episodes, this is the
one I had to tape so i can watch it whenever I need a real chuckle.

The episode is brilliant. Niles is and I expect always will be my favorite character on the show,
and he outdid himself here. Deciding to get high on reefer in a belated attempt to "rebel" leads
to hilarious scenes when he THINKS he's high (but he's not) and the dad IS high (but doesn't
realize it). Great acting by John Mahoney!

Right down to the tag of Martin rushing to the door to greet a pizza delivery man, and promptly
rushing to his room with about 5 or 6 pizzas, it's a great episode. Definitely superb writing and
acting by all involved. A perfect Gem.

Episodes like this is why Frasier was the best sitcom ever.

Rating: 100%


The best episode, Jan 28, 2007

Reviewer: Anonymous from Seattle, WA

This is by far the most clever and entertaining episode of this show. Watch it and take delight.

Rating: 100%


Fantastic!, Dec 16, 2006

Reviewer: Frasier Fanatic from Anytown, AT 55555

This is one of the very best Frasier episodes. All of the actors are on their top form throughout the episode, especially David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney. Niles is, well, typical Niles, having a nurse on speed dial in case 'things get too hairy'. Absolutely great...If you haven't already, make sure you see this episode.

Rating: 100%


High Holidays, Jan 04, 2006

Reviewer: roz11 from London

The final season of Frasier is so brilliant compared to the other later seasons of Frasier mainly because of fantastic episodes such as this one. David Hyde Pierce of course is the main star due to Niles wanting to rebel after Martin says he never did. He does in the end but for different reasons!!!
This episode is definitely one of the best Holiday episodes with maybe the exception of season 5's Perspectives On Christmas. I think this episode is going back to the seasons 1-7 era where it was a shock when a average episode aired. You can of course buy the final season on DVD which is definitely worth it because of episodes in season 11 like this! Season 11 as a season was a fantastic way to end the show with this being one of my favourite episodes in the season.

Rating: 99%


AWESOME!!, Nov 11, 2005

Reviewer: Natalie from Seattle

What can I say? This episode rocked. Niles and Martin are at the top of their game in this episode :)

Rating: 100%


HIGH HOLIDAYS, Nov 06, 2005

Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

‘High Holidays’ is for me the best episode of Frasier ever, and I am fully aware that this episode perhaps makes for both an unlikely and even controversial candidate for best episode; but for me it captures the brilliance of Frasier perfectly, with a sublime script written by Christopher Lloyd (my favourite member of the writing staff) and hysterical performances by both David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney that rank among some of their best work on the show in my opinion. Although this episode is largely a festive affair, being set at Christmas, it doesn’t matter because you can watch and enjoy this episode at any time of the year. I’ve always loved television that has a Christmassy theme to it, which is perhaps the reason I love this episode so much, but for me ‘High Holidays’ just works on so many levels. Here’s why I love it so much:

The episode opens with Frasier planning a tourism promo for an attractive and heavily accented woman called Natalie, who it is obvious Frasier is heavily interested in. However his limelight is stolen somewhat when Martin, who is watching his weight brings Eddie into Café Nervosa and Natalie loves the dog so much, she is desperate to include him in the ‘TV spot’. Meanwhile back at home Niles is upset to hear from his father that he completely missed out on one of life’s prime passages and never experienced rebellion, whilst meanwhile we get the final appearance of Frasier’s son Freddie, played by Trevor Einhorn, who has adopted a new image for the holidays. Many fans have displayed dislike regarding Frederick becoming a Goth but I enjoyed it; and it threw in some very funny lines:
NILES (as Freddie introduces us to his little ghoul friend): At least he’s not dating outside the faith!

However the episode doesn’t really hit its stride until Niles reveals that he plans to rebel, right under Martin’s nose and he explains that he is going to ‘get high on reefer’, by eating a pot laced brownie, supplied by non other than Roz! The episode soon goes into true Frasier tradition, when progressive complications occur when Martin (abandoning his diet) eats the pot-brownie. This is really cleverly structured because Niles things he’s high because of the way Martin is talking, and is convinced he’s rebelling successfully. My favourite visual joke of this episode comes when Niles says:
NILES: Just got time to up my dosage (and he breaks off a minute crumb of brownie and pops iit into his mouth)

John Mahoney puts in arguably his best ever performance, as Martin is rendered on a dizzying high created by the pot brownie, and his ensuing actions are brilliant. From his ‘dog army’ to ‘fridge pants’ scenes, it is just non stop brilliance through and through. Meanwhile Christopher Lloyd adds another fine touch to the episode by showing Frasier's tourism promo video, which to Frasier’s dismay and Frederick’s contempt sees Frasier speaking from Eddie’s lips, as the dog hosts the video! In a great twist Martin believes that Eddie is talking to him, and gets really angry with the dog with hilarious consequences. The episode reaches a nice resolution with Frasier realising that Martin is ‘stoned of his ass’, Frederick being dumped by his Goth friend Andy and Frasier being stood up by Natalie. For me this episode is more or less flawless, and I want to conclude this review with my two favourite quotes.

FRASIER: (commenting on Natalie’s rich accent) She could read me the phone book and I’d melt like an overripe camembert. Imagine what she’d do with that (imitating the accent)… Camembert!
NILES: (also imitating the accent) Roquefort!
FRASIER: Reblochon!
NILES: Blu!!!
FRASIER (giggling) We’re terrible!

Another great moment is when Niles explains that one of the effects of reefer is to mix bizarre food concoctions:
NILES: I’m thinking of pairing this Chilean sea bass with an aggressive Zinfandel!

My favourite episode ever. Brilliant performances. Brilliant script. An absolute classic!

Rating: 98%


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