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Episode reviews for Episode 11.02 - A Man, A Plan and A Gal: Julia

Avg. Viewer Review: 92.1%
Number of Reviews: 11

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'A Man, A Plan And A Gal: Julia' review, Oct 25, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

After a promising start, Season 11 really hits it's stride with this consistently funny episode which has the task of dealing with the departure of Julia. To achieve this, writer Jon Sherman returned to a device which he and Bob Daily had previously employed in Season 7's 'Whine Club' where Mel's behaviour managed to turn all the other characters against her. As with that earlier episode, Julia's extreme behaviour here might seem a bit of a contrived way to persuade Frasier to break up with her but the resulting scene is so funny that it seems churlish to complain. Indeed, the second half of this episode is arguably the best sustained ten minutes of comedy on 'Frasier' in years. Starting from the amusing mix-up where Niles rings Frasier on his mobile phone, only to come face to face with his brother and Julia half naked in the apartment, and continuing with the dinner where Niles and Daphne had intended to announce the latter's pregnancy, the second half is a stream of laugh out loud moments. With Frasier having agreed to an ill-advised 'commitment to commitment', it's hilarious to watch him trying to suppress his rage with Julia while she manages to get on everyone's bad side with her tactless behaviour - I particularly loved Martin's reaction after she took his beer! Niles' doomed attempts to read out a poem by Robert Burns are also very funny, while the climactic game of Pictionary contains a brilliant visual joke where Julia starts choking and everyone else just sits there ignoring her. Kelsey Grammer is on his best form in ages here, using his full variety of vocal skills to great affect and I love the way that what make him finally snap is Julia's disrespect towards his new hand-towels! This was one of two early Season 11 episodes (the other being 'The Babysitter') for which Peri Gilpin was unable to attend the recording for, although since her character had no real function to serve in the storyline, her absence his barely noticeable. Great episode.

Rating: 84%


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