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Episode reviews for Episode 8.08 - Frasier's Edge

Avg. Viewer Review: 73.6%
Number of Reviews: 14

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FRASIER'S EDGE, Jul 16, 2006

Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

I acknowledge that the premise of this mainly dramatic episode is very brave and ambitious for a sitcom, but to be honest, I just found the continual analysis really tedious and boring. Other posters on this site's forum who have also been re-discovering Season 8 have said that they were surprised by this episode, and that it wasn't as dull as they remembered it, but sadly, I still found 'Frasier's Edge' banal, long-winded and utterly and completely devoid of any comedy or amusement. I know Kelsey Grammer wanted to flesh out his character a bit more, but this storyline doesn't really work for two reasons. The first reason is that there is no comedy to balance the dramatic aspects of the episode, and I think if there had been some more humour included it would have been much more successful and effective. Secondly, just as Frasier's admits that he has a problem (a mid-life crisis) and gives a hurried and somewhat odd speech at the SeaBee Awards the episode ends and the subject matter is never approached again.

So did I laugh? No, not once unfortunately. Frasier's over-the-top reaction to the 'You must be very proud' card was a little extreme and predictable, and the dialouge between him and Tewkesbury felt very heavy-handed and uninteresting, although Kelsey put in a good performance all the same. Actually I rather liked his delivery of 'What does it all mean!' Martin's continual recognition of Niles as his other 'special' son in this episode was marginally amusing the first time, but due to the fact that this dull, lifeless and repetitive 'joke' comprised the whole sub-plot, it felt childish, predictable and just so boring. John Mahoney must have been embarrassed having to deliver such cringe-worthy dialogue. To be honest, I'm glad I've got this episode out of the way on the Season 8 DVD, and regrettably I still found it very dull and lifeless.

Rating: 58%


You got to like, Jun 08, 2006

Reviewer: Timbo from Brisbane

An episode that make you have to enjoy Frasier's personality and way of thinking and reasoning. Because i love the portrayal of Frasier I think this is a great episode and even under-rated, Dr Tewkesbury is Frasier's mentor and the character is how you would envisage Frasier's mentor to be. Acting quickly and sharply to comments Frasier makes along the way. The largely serious scenes at Dr Tewkesbury's office with Frasier over-analyzing the words in the card and pondering about what he feels is the emptiness of his life are interspersed with some welcome light relief at the awards ceremony. The writers did go somehwere they hadn't gone before and you got to give them credit for that, as the result to me was solid. The whole Daphne weight gain thing starts taking place seriously here. Although an interesting way to take her character, it seemed wrong.. So that imo is where the episode loses a high rating

Rating: 79%


"Frasier's Edge" review, Nov 12, 2005

Reviewer: James McInerney from UK

I don't know this series specifically very well- I'm only just begining to love the show 'Frasier', beyond seeing it casually on TV.

But I really liked this episode. It sticks out from every other shows as special; who cares if it's not as laugh-packed as most episodes? 'Frasier' has surely earnt it's credibility, regardless of how good the 8th season is or is not, and this episode takes a small amount of time to reveal the psyche of the man himself.

Rating: 75%


'Frasier's Edge' review, Aug 22, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

One of the more unusual episodes of 'Frasier' in that it starts off seeming like another standard Sea Bee awards episode only to become steadily more like a personal drama when Frasier pays a visit to his mentor, Dr Tewkesbury, who sent him a congratulations card following his nomination for a Lifetime Achievement Award. The largely serious scenes at Dr Tewkesbury's office with Frasier over-analyzing the words in the card and pondering about what he feels is the emptiness of his life are interspersed with some welcome light relief at the awards ceremony. Gil, as ever, is a joy with his mention of 'The Chestertons' (an awards ceremony which his wife and the dogs puts on everytime he's not nominated!) while his subsequent failure to win results in some typically bitchy behaviour. Less welcome are Martin and Roz's unpleasant jibes about Daphne's weight gain (the writers' chosen excuse for Jane Leeves' pregnancy) which I found rather out of character and disrespectful, although Martin's constant attempts to shower Niles with praise are fairly amusing, leading to a good moment near the end where an initially reluctant Niles agrees to stand up for a round of applause, only for Frasier to steal his thunder again when he finally shows up to accept the award, following which the episode disappointingly grounds to a halt with a non-ending, after which Roz's exclamation of 'What the hell was that?' seems sadly appropriate. At the very least though, I do admire the writers for striving for something a little deeper here, but considering how even the more standard comedy-centred episodes this season have failed to produce the laugh out loud humour which fans have come to expect, this was not exactly the best time in the series' history to be attempting such a weighty episode.

Rating: 69%


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