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Episode reviews for Episode 1.17 - A Midwinter Night's Dream

Avg. Viewer Review: 96.8%
Number of Reviews: 12

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My Fav!, Jul 12, 2005

Reviewer: Thom Samuels from London, England

Having recently rewatched this episode, I really think that this is one of my all time favourites. Niles is on top form as he mistimes and bumbles his way through a "romantic" gesture for Maris resulting in hilarious lines and innuendos from both he and Frasier. This leads neatly on to the scenes alone with he and Daphne in his mansion where more japery and innuendo follow before a touching realization of his love for ever-weird Maris. AWESOME!

Rating: 100%


'A Midwinter Night's Dream' review, May 20, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Niles and Daphne get caught up in an intimate situation for the first time in this highly memorable Season 1 episode. There are big laughs throughout but perhaps the funniest scene is when Niles turns up at Frasier's apartment dressed as a pirate - his tale of how the maid found him wearing nothing but an eyepatch is truly hilarious. The main part of the show with Niles and Daphne spending the night at Maris' house during a thunderstorm contains many great moments; I love when Niles is playing the piano the way he stumbles across the keys as Daphne enters the room in her nightie while the glockenspiel 'springing to life' is a wonderfully risque joke. Frasier bellowing at the window like a madman caps off this particularly good episode, which stands as a fine example of the wonderful chemistry between David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves.

Rating: 85%


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