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Episode reviews for Episode 7.23 - Something Borrowed, Someone Blue

Avg. Viewer Review: 97.2%
Number of Reviews: 23

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A turning point for the best sitcom of the late 90's..., Aug 30, 2008

Reviewer: Admiral Xizor from Dallas, TX

When Niles tells Daphne to fasten her seat belt, and she answers, "Fasten yours, *Niles*", I knew that nothing would be the same.

I was so happy for those two, and I believed Martin when he said to Niles when he was inconsolable, "10 years from now, that may all be ancient history..." Martin was right (as usual).

This episode didn't have a ton of belly laughs, but it did what was necessary - and beautifully so.

Rating: 100%


Just Perfect, Aug 16, 2008

Reviewer: Dani from England

It was great to finally see a happy ending to the Niles/Daphne story. And the one I'd always dreamed of, for that!

This episode really is the icing on the cake for the storyline.

Rating: 100%


Something Borrowed, Someone Blue, Aug 03, 2008

Reviewer: Kathy from Australia

This episode is one i can watch over and over again and not get tired of any part whatsoever. Brilliant from moment one. Incredible acting from all of them. David Hyde Pierce, outstanding as always.

Rating: 100%


Best Ever, Jan 01, 2007

Reviewer: Natalie from England

It reminded me why i love Frasier, it was just the perfect episode

Rating: 100%


AWESOME, Dec 28, 2006

Reviewer: Christie from Scotland

Is there anything sweeter than two people who are meant to be together confessing their love for one another??
Loved the kiss they share!
Loved the way they tell each other!
Loved this episode!!

Rating: 99%


Something Borrowed, Someone Blue Review, May 06, 2006

Reviewer: R.M.E from Arizona,USA

This is by far my favorite episode in this series. It is the show fans of the series had been waiting for. This episode is filled with many up and downs. Especially at the end with the kiss, the rejection, and then the great scene in the winnebago where Daphne asks Niles on a date and finally calls him Niles. It was a great way to end the 7th season which is also my favorite season of the show. There where a lot of great episodes this season like Back Talk and Dark side of the Moon but this is the best.

Rating: 100%


Something Borrowed,Someone Blue, Apr 17, 2006

Reviewer: David Bennett from Sydney Australia

Having Just spent most of Easter in Sydney 2006 watching the Frasier Marathon with my sweetheart on Fox ,this was the show we hadnt seen that finally tied this show together for me !
I am a big sook ,but this is without doubt my favourite episode cause you can feel the passion and excitement in both Niles and Daphne when they finally get together and isnt that what life is all about ,following your heart !
This is definetely the Frasier show you need to watch if you havent watched it all the way through cause it is like an explosion of sorts ! But a very enjoyable one and I hope there are a few other saw backs and eyes out there that have sat through Frasier Marathons !

Rating: 99%


Something Borrowed, Someone Blue, Apr 15, 2006

Reviewer: Amz from Wiltshire, UK

Well. What can I say? Ever since the first season I watched which was season 11 when Niles and Daphne were married and expecting a baby, then saw season 1 where they weren't even married, but Niles had a crush on her, I always wanted to see the episode when they finally got together. I seriously enjoyed this episode from start to finish. Originally aired as 2 30 minute episodes, the first part was great, but ever so sad when Daphne finds out Niles and Mel have got married, and walks to the elevator in tears, but I laughed a little when the woman in the elevator (can't remember her name) dropped her laundry and gave her a hug after being told twice by Frasier to not pretend she wasn't listening before.

We then had the second part, in which Niles and Daphne confront each other, well, try to was also great. It was great to see them kiss for the first time since season 3's "Moondance", but this time, it actually meant something for both of them. I only wish I watched it when this season was first aired, then I could of shared the anticipation with all the Frasier fans who were itching to see it, but I was only 7 and probably would of got bored. I just felt so sorry for Niles when Daphne rejected him, but it was great to see them drive off in the winnebago together. It made the perfect finish to the perfect episode. If you're a fan of Niles and Daphne, this is an essential episode for you to see.

Rating: 100%


'Something Borrowed, Somone Blue' Review, Dec 03, 2005

Reviewer: Stratman from Western Australia

‘Something Borrowed, Someone Blue’ was a riveting masterpiece. It brought together Niles and Daphne together in the most spectacular of fashions; something fans had been waiting seven long years for, BUT it dug the show into a deep dark hole. Lloyd and Keenan obviously forgot that realistically pairing up characters as different as Niles and Daphne requires time. The obvious lack of chemistry between the two following this episode is proof in the pudding. The decision to pair Niles up with a vindictive ice queen and Daphne a divorce lawyer also had repercussion. The nature of those characters could mean only thing; revenge. This meant the focus would have to shift from the exiting new relationship to the inevitably dark conflict. Not a smart move in my eyes.

Although I love this episode to death, the ramifications were far too costly.

Rating: 84%


Something Borrowed, Someone Blue, Sep 26, 2005

Reviewer: Alicia from Sydney Australia

i was home one night and was bored and saw frasier coming on next i thought ok ill watch this it was something borrowed something blue after watching it i have been crazy for the show ever since and have been watching it for 2 years now. It is by far my favourite frasier episode and i love how they kiss on the balcony it was so romatic and i like the way daphne goes to kiss niles instead of what you think would happen. it was a very unpredictable episode which is rare in sitcoms i just absolutely loved it so much.

Rating: 100%


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