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Episode reviews for Episode 5.21 - Roz And The Schnoz

Avg. Viewer Review: 84.7%
Number of Reviews: 24

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Funniest epidode yet, Oct 03, 2007

Reviewer: Sarah Gammack from Nottingham, England

I have recently watched this episode, and I probably missed about 5 minutes of it due to laughing so much I was crying. The jokes were hilarious, the timing was spot on, and it is definitely an episode I will want to watch again and again!

Rating: 97%


Roz & the Schnoz, Sep 23, 2007

Reviewer: Chris V. Roosendael from Heist op den Berg,Belgium

This is an incredible episode... Laughing from the begining till the end... The noses of the characters in this episode are so big... These people are not from this planet I think.. It's my favorite "Frasier" episode, and I can watch it again and again...and keep laughing... Great performance , and great actors!

Rating: 100%


Probably Japan, Jul 22, 2007

Reviewer: Rob meader from London, England

The writing of Frasier has always been one of its strongest points along with a perfect cast. I still think Niles gets a lot of the best lines, 'Oh I'm up to speed now' when Frasier dates two women that interupt their squash game, to name one. BUT this episode has a lot of great lines.........especially when Steve and Paula Garrett show up with them noses!!!

Martin steals the show with his scream when he sees them and the side splitting dialogue

"MMM whats that i smell?", "Probably Japan", one of the funniest lines ever in any sitcom episode. I still laugh now and I know it is coming.........that's what makes the writing and acting so good.

Rating: 100%


I.Q, Jun 10, 2007

Reviewer: Patrick Wernham from Birmingham, West Midlands, U.K.

This episode classically shows the competetiveness between Niles and Frasier. The episode gets
better as it gos along with the funniest moment being where Niles starts to get drowsy from his
pills. Both men try and stop being so competetive after spending $4050! They are unsuccsessful
and carry it on right through to the final season!

Rating: 90%


A comedic gem, Jun 06, 2007

Reviewer: Paul James from London

I've just chanced upon this wonderful website and am amazed at how this episode seems to polarize opinion. Amazed because I can't imagine who could fail to find this one of the funniest Frasiers ever. Season Five threw up some absolute classics. This was one of them. But am I the first to notice that European viewers are in the pro-camp on this one, the American ones largely in the anti? Curious.

Rating: 100%


Schnoz Snooze, May 30, 2007

Reviewer: Jeff from Tucson, AZ USA

This is clearly one of my least favorite Frasier episodes, I don't like the mean spirited tone - it feels very juvenille and seems best suited for the edgier and unlikeable cast of characters in "Seinfeld".

The prosthetics were overdone - and most of the gags are almost cringeworthy. I'll pass on this one.

Rating: 45%


Funniest sitcom episode ever, May 29, 2007

Reviewer: Barry Dunne from Castlecomer,Ireland

Nearly equalled by Ham Radio as the funniest Frasier episode, Roz and the Schnoz is without doubt the funniest sitcom episode i have ever seen, the episode is uncharacteristic of Frasier and it shows that the writers had the ability to just have an episode where lovers and haters of Frasier would all join together in earth shattering laughter. When i first saw this my Jaw seized up from laughter, whenever i feel like having a good laugh i turn on this episode, no matter how many times i watch it. From Roz's face to 'Quiche, i hardly know her,I JUST GOT THAAAAT!' this episode is jam packed with humour and gags befitting of Frasier and of course who will ever forget "MMM whats that i smell?", "Probably Japan", one of the funniest lines ever in any sitcom episode i have ever seen. Do yourselves a favour, watch Roz and the Schnoz over and over, eventually you will arise from your viewing area, leave the house and make someone else smile because you will definately be grinning like a cheshire cat who comes across cream!

Rating: 100%


Sublime farce, May 18, 2007

Reviewer: Streetworker from Manchester, UK

This is one of my all-time favourite Frasier epsiodes. Yes, it's farcical and, yes, the noses are absurd. But I doubt I have ever laughed so much at 30 minutes of TV as I did the first time I saw this one and, apart from Ham Radio and Daphne's Room, I think this is the ep I've watched most. For me, this is by far and away the funniest Roz-centric ep.

Rating: 99%


Roz and The Schnoz, Feb 07, 2007

Reviewer: Joanne from Australia

We wait anxiously for each season to be released in Australia and have just obtained season 5.
This episode had us in hysterics and I was so glad we could pause the DVD and recover our breath and not miss anything. The writing for the shows is superb. The casts' obvious enjoyment of the episode just adds to our enjoyment.

Rating: 97%


I have to say, Oct 18, 2006

Reviewer: Dave Martin from Taunton, Somerset, England

this episode was by far one of the funniest in the whole season. the best part i feel is martin nagging on and on only to turn around and scream at their noses, i dont know why but it sets me off every time and i have a distinct feeling that daphne and niles' laughter was real there too! a must-watch episode that will leave u on the floor splitting sides over and over again =)

Rating: 100%


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