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Episode reviews for Episode 11.02 - A Man, A Plan and A Gal: Julia

Avg. Viewer Review: 92.1%
Number of Reviews: 11

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I just didn't think you'd remember the names, May 27, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

At the end of season 8, the writers led Frasier Crane into a convoluted web of new recurring characters and situations that never quite earned the laughs we were used to. At the beginning of season 9, the writers did their best to move most of the detritus out of the way before the year's first performance of "Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs". Again, as season 11 began, were the writers faced with a similar task. The result this time is even better, and far, far funnier. "A Man, A Plan and a Gal: Julia" starts with a great little double-act as Niles demurs to listen to Frasier, and returns us to the often pompous, sometimes esoteric humour the show was known for. Frasier's tulle lace handtowels, and his "Pacific Overtures" joke (which this audience doesn't get, but is no less funny for that) are just the start of an episode that takes full advantage of Kelsey Grammer's singular talent for outrage.

What's great about the decision to have Julia's hopes implode is that it fits almost entirely with her character as built in season 10. Of course, her endless barrage of cruel quips is really a type of character assassination, but it's character assassination of the highest order, and played oh so well by Felicity Huffman and the rest of the cast. Julia has always been a caustic personality, stemming partly from her own insecurities (as evidenced in "The Harassed") but also stemming partly from a self-righteousness that Frasier hasn't been able to curb. Her frankness about how Martin should fire Daphne seems in character, as does her reckless charades playing. Some of it does seem a little on the nose (the boisterous mocking of classical music suggests she has never been a guest in anyone's home before, for instance), which is why I'm inclined to mark this episode as "very good" rather than "a classic", but - as another reviewer mentioned - the family's attitude strikes me of far too many family Christmases I can recall. It's all in charcater.

Realistically, there are three reasons this episode works so well. The first is that - even as the writers are killing off a character who was created by others and had grown to become a narrative hurdle - they're happy, and talented enough, to give Julia the best lines she's ever had. Second, the comedic impetus is evenly divided between the three psychological entry-points of the story: Julia's feelings of superiority, the family's need to support Frasier, and Frasier's own determination not to let his fears get in the way of his "feelings". Between these two points, I'm pretty happy to justify any moments that might seem out of character or over the top on Julia's behalf.

And the third reason? It's just really damn funny. By the time Julia chokes and Frasier kicks her out, this is a remarkably energetic script - all the more impressive by the fact that it's only the five cast members involved (Peri Gilpin was absent from the set this week). While it's a shame that Julia just vanishes from the narrative - I would've liked either a joke at her expense or even one last episode down the track where she tries to stay on at KACL - this episode should assuage any doubts that the season premiere was just a fluke. "Frasier" has NOT left the building.

Rating: 88%


brilliant frasier , Nov 12, 2012

Reviewer: Randy from Canada

(this is a late review) but this episode was by far my favorite out of all Frasier seasons. When Niles burst the cereal box as Daphne was coming out of the kitchen was priceless. Also when Frasier uttered the words "how rude", was Kelsey at his best.

They should have kept Frasier on instead of the multitude of silly, predictable and bland sit coms on tv today. Kelsey where are you!

Rating: 100%


And I my hand towels !!!!!!!!!!!!!, Oct 16, 2011

Reviewer: Cass from Dayton OH

this was one of my favorite episodes. His voice when he says he
wants his hand towels is hilarious!!!!!!!!

Rating: 100%


Kelsey Grammer in fine form., Feb 11, 2011

Reviewer: Mike Lewis from Fenelon Falls, Ont., Canada

This is my second favorite episode after The Ski Lodge. Frasiers facial expressions and brilliantly delivered lines such as "How rude", "And my handtowels!" and "Get out!" left me howling. That was the funnest game of Pictionary I have ever been involved with. Good riddance Julia!

Rating: 98%


Big laughs, Dec 23, 2010

Reviewer: jc from Charlotte NC

Frasier makes a terrible decision to commit to commitment. His new girlfriend is a ghastly ghastly choice & he puts up with it in order to not be petty. He puts up with it, that is, until he can take it no longer.

Rating: 95%


Love it, Apr 29, 2008

Reviewer: Russ Tamberlyn from UK

Another brilliant episode. The way Frasier screams "GET OUT!!!!!!!!" hysterical. If only Frasier had atempted to commit to commitment in every episode


Rating: 95%


One of the best, Jun 07, 2007

Reviewer: Shumit from London,UK

I recently saw this episode for the first time and immediatly had to watch it again. Julia was always going to go down some time - as with all Frasier's women - but she went down like the Titanic.

How Frasier and the rest of the family put up with her rude, ill-timed, brazen comments is just an exaggeration of most of my family where compromises are made until xmas day! Then all hell blows. And so with Frasier, - superb acting by Kels - when he is saying how before his commitment 2 commitment phase he would have found Julia rude but now finds her gratingly endearing.

As ever the acting wins the day, Niles with his Rabbie Burns, Martin's look when he hears the Football score, and Frasier when he finally banishes the woman. And ofcourse lots of Kudos must go to Julia who shows early signs of Oscar potential.

Definitely in my top 10 episodes.

Rating: 95%


., Oct 22, 2006

Reviewer: Nick from U.K.

Perhaps not quite up to the standard of the opening episode of the series but this does mark the final appearance of Frasier's girlfriend Julia which will bring relief for many fans. She is portrayed remorselessly as a monster in this episode which is a little over the top for my tastes but still provides some laughs.

Rating: 80%


A Man, A Plan and A Gal: Julia, Aug 27, 2006

Reviewer: Amy from Wiltshire, UK

Felicity Huffman is given a chance to shine in this episode which she does really well, especially in the Pictonary scene. Hearing Frasier yell "GET OUT!" was just hilarious when Julia mocks his hand towels as was the part when Niles says about Daphne "She's not paunchy, she's pregnant!" and spilling the cereal everywhere when Daphne shouts at him. Overall, another great episode.

Rating: 93%


The Hang Over - part two, Jun 18, 2006

Reviewer: theMurphy from UK

Frasier and Julia.

It could have been so good. Antagonistic co-workers, trading barbed and witty remarks, relishing their love/hate friendship and bringing back some comic chemistry to KACL. Instead they became a couple and all that potential turned overnight into flat, dull and boring romance.

Thank God then that the production team decided to pull the plug on this comatose storyline and take the final steps in sweeping away the debris of season ten's painful finale.

While Julia had shown herself to be cold and spiteful before, her sheer monstrousness displayed here was a little jarring the first time I watched it. However, it was funny and served a good purpose so I'm not going to complain. It also gave the great Felicity Huffman a chance to be very funny.

Kelsey Grammer is on top form with his suppressed rage towards the end. His strained delivery of "how rude!" is priceless.

John Mahoney gets a couple of great moments, none better than when Martin's drink is taken by Julia.

A great episode that sees Frasier emerge from a very troubled time as strong as it was before.

Rating: 85%



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