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Episode reviews for Episode 3.22 - Frasier Loves Roz

Avg. Viewer Review: 78.2%
Number of Reviews: 5

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Me and my stupid advice..., Dec 06, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Frasier Loves Roz" is a charming little character story, with a dash
of Frasier farce thrown in. I do enjoy how the Frasier/Roz
partnership has developed from essentially just two rather different
workmates, to good friends who have a great say in each other's
lives. This episode is a strong continuation of their relationship,
which will only become stronger in subsequent seasons. It's always
nice to see Peri Gilpin get some meaty material, as on occasion she
can be forgotten, and she handles it well.

I agree with previous reviews that perhaps more could've been
made of any one section of this episode: Roz thinking Frasier loves
her, or Frasier's ethical concerns, yet I think everything fits nicely
together. And Martin has one of his funniest moments when he films
the video for future generations of Cranes. Good fun.

Rating: 85%


This charming man ..., Nov 04, 2008

Reviewer: Tid from SW England

This episode sums up to me what is best about 'Frasier' - not afraid to be
poignant, containing warmth among the laughs, and with some lovely sub-
plotting to endear us further to all the main characters.

I think the way that Roz finally is persuaded that Frasier is secretly in love
with her was cleverly and convincingly done, as Roz's initially scornful dis-
missal of the idea is gradually eroded by her natural misunderstanding of
Frasier's concern, abetted by Daphne.

The cementing of the bond of friendship between Roz and Frasier is warm and
witty and emotionally satisfying. The opener (Frasier's remark to his caller
"...but not fair") is one of the best ever, and so too the poignant closer.

But it is the sub-plots that make this such a good, such a characteristic, Frasier
episode : Roz's green bridesmaid dress, the realistic ethical concerns of Niles
over patient confidentiality, so quickly overturned!, and finally Martin's
laugh-out-loud responses to making a video of his life, particularly where he
"reveals" his "hidden fortune" and pretends to keel over and die while giving
the safe combination!

I love this episode - it is Frasier at its near best, mixing great comedy with
poignancy and warmth, and without resorting to unlikely plot situations.

Rating: 90%


Frasier loves Roz, Mar 24, 2006

Reviewer: Slaz from England

I didnt mind this episode and thought it was quite good i agree with Jocelyn i t
was a departure from the usual crane and Daphne family unit-Lol-and iam new to Frasier online so hello all

Rating: 83%


Frasier Loves Roz, Jan 07, 2006

Reviewer: Tom from Cumbria, England

This will only be a short review: I have mixed feelings about the season 3 episode "Frasier Loves Roz". There isn't really any laugh-out-loud moments, which is rare for a Frasier episode. The bit where Roz and Frasier both say they love each is nice. Not a great episode. The worst one from season 3 I would say.

Rating: 55%


'Frasier Loves Roz' review, Jun 08, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

It's nice to see Roz centre-stage for once as Peri Gilpin's appearances are too often relegated to just one or two scenes. The main plot of this, writer Suzanne Martin's debut episode, is based on a clever misunderstanding where Roz believes that Frasier is in love with her when in fact he is simply trying to disuade her from dating Ben, a serial womaniser who's also one of Niles' patients - thus causing Frasier an ethical dilemma. Elsewhere, there's a fun subplot concerning Martin refusing to take seriously his video message from beyond the grave; I love the way Niles looks into the camcorder saying 'Future generations. See what I had to put up with?'. The closing scene is the first time any suggestion of romance between Frasier and Roz has been hinted at - something which will (unwisely) be taken further in later seasons but here stands as a nice affirmation of their solid friendship.

Rating: 78%