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Episode reviews for Episode 3.16 - Look Before You Leap

Avg. Viewer Review: 95.4%
Number of Reviews: 12

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Good, but not THAT good!, Aug 19, 2012

Reviewer: Tid from SW England

I suppose the humour in this episode depends entirely on how funny
you find someone singing who can't remember most of the words of a
song. Don't get me wrong - there's a lot to like about this one, especially
Niles' sexual frustration, but I just don't rate the 'Buttons and Bows'
scene as highly as the other reviewers seem to. This show wouldn't be
in my Top 20.

Rating: 80%


A good time was had by all, Dec 06, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Look Before You Leap" was an episode I'd entirely forgotten (if,
indeed, I'd ever seen it before), and I couldn't have been more
pleased to be experiencing it afresh! It's so typical of Frasier to push
everyone to achieve their goals, and the way the story manages to
give humorous and appropriate stories to all five characters is
smashing. I won't forget Frasier trying to sing "Buttons and Bows" in
a hurry.

Rating: 98%


"Buttons And Bows" Hasn't Been The Same Since!, Nov 12, 2011

Reviewer: Jeannie from Alta Loma, CA USA

This episode ranks as one of my all-time favorites! Frasier's rendition of "Buttons and Bows" is a classic. I laugh just THINKING about him nervously wiping the sweat from his brow as he sings " let's all go to a taco show.....something and something and buttons and bows." I'm reminded of it on a daily basis -- the ice cream truck that passes by my house each afternoon plays that very tune. That song just hasn't been the same for me since!

Rating: 100%


The Best of the Best, Sep 27, 2011

Reviewer: Fishbonealice from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Was there ever a more perfect half-hour of situation comedy - or any comedy for that matter - than LBYL? Brilliantly conceived, sharply written, brilliantly performed. Put simply, a slice of pure joy, one of those things that makes you glad to be alive.

Rating: 100%


A Frasier Masterpiece, Aug 10, 2008

Reviewer: Ninos from Aarhus, Denmark

I just watched this episode again, and was amazed by the consistently high quality of the writing throughout. There is really no point where the script drags or lines fall flat. If I were to try and list all the great lines, I may as well just cut and paste the entire script into this review. Fantastic!

Unlike most episodes, with a main story line and a subplot, this one is a string of related scenes connected by one main thread. It also involves all five main characters in fairly even proportions, and they all work. Frasier, Niles, Martin, Daphne and Roz are all at their finest in this one, both in terms of the lines they are given and how they execute them.

The main premise is that it is February 29th, and Frasier believes people should celebrate by “taking a leap” and daring to get more out of life. For Roz it means making an on-air appeal to Gary, a man she met in passing on the bus, for Martin travelling to a birthday party, for Daphne getting a new hair style, for Frasier performing a difficult aria on a TV auction. Each decision blows up, of course, hilariously in the face of each. Gary turns out to be married but wants a date anyway, Daphne’s hair turns out hideous, Martin’s plane flies into a flock of birds and makes an emergency landing, Frasier can’t hit the notes of the aria, chickens out, and then flubs his old standby Buttons and Bows.

The only one who avoids calamity in the end is Niles, who seeing how everyone else makes out taking Frasier’s advice, decides to ignore it.

Rating: 100%


1 of my favourite moments, Dec 10, 2007

Reviewer: Nick from Australia

It's gotta be when Niles has come out of having his 'cold shower' which only brings the subject of sex with Maris back to mine. Frasier says to him "You've got to show her that you're not the kind of man who can be told what to do. Now sit down. Play!" And so Niles complys with Frasier's instruction.

Niles' temptation begins to kill him when he asks his father if the "flight attendants were also covered in foam" and particularly when Daphne walks in with her hair an absolute mess which results in him crying "Oh, will these infernal temptations never end?".

He departs from Frasier's apartment throwing his glass of sherry into the fireplace. Despite Frasier's warning "you will rue the day" he replies "I don't care. Niles gotta have it!!."

Classic episode and of course who can forget "Buttons and Bows."

Rating: 95%


Who watches PBS......, Mar 10, 2007

Reviewer: Eddie from Edinburgh

I'll tell you who.....

This is my first review, so I'll start at the top.

This episode never fails to make me laugh out loud. Unlike most episodes of Frasier, there is not really a subplot - everything is tied to the central idea that Frasier has, of taking a leap, and takes us through the misadventures of everyone who follows Frasier's notion of "taking a leap" ('you know, I was about to say the same thing to you...'). Frasier chickens out of taking his own leap after seeing the fallout for everyone who follows his advice - but he is not allowed to escape his hubris, and very publicly, and very, very painfully he suffers more than everyone else - but this proves to be his redemption - the unfortunates who have followed his advice end up laughing at his humiliation - a tactic reminiscent of Jeeves rescuing Bertie Wooster - and the viewers are left with aching sides.

Why did I quote that line at the start? We rarely see Frasier doing his show, except for segments to advance the plot of the show we watch. He is meant to be a masterful live commentater, responding to unexpected stimuli - but we never see it - till this. For me, this "ad-lib" is a rare example to show the brilliance of Frasier as a live presenter, covering his frustrated outburst with a perfect one-liner to retrieve his audience.

If ever you need cheered up, watch this marvellous, touching, hilarious episode - it's Frasier at it's awesome pinnacle.

Rating: 95%


Watch it for a guarenteed laugh., Feb 04, 2007

Reviewer: Annette from Juneau, AK USA

Whenever I need a laugh I watch this episode and I'm never disappointed . When Daphne comes in with that hair, hillarious.
"... children pointing.... your fault!"

Rating: 99%


something and something....., Jun 21, 2006

Reviewer: Katie from Scotland

This episode stuck with me for years. For me the true gem was Frasier's inane expression singing "something and something and buttons and bows" - I'm laughing just thinking about it! Thanks to all involved in such a great show - and this episode was an abosolute joy.

Rating: 95%


hard to replace, Jun 21, 2006

Reviewer: sammi from NJ, USA

This is my first post and I want to say that there hasn't been a show as warm, funny and classy as Frasier. I'm still watching all 8 seasons on DVD instead of any of the other sitcoms on now! LBYL is one of my favorite episodes ... "dah dah dah and something and something and buttons and bows ..."

Rating: 100%



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