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Episode reviews for Episode 3.13 - Moondance

Avg. Viewer Review: 92.6%
Number of Reviews: 23

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Breathtaking, Dec 06, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Moon Dance" is unequivocally one of the greatest episodes
"Frasier" ever produced. The Niles/Daphne infatuation had already
created some of the most enjoyable moments on the series, but this
eclipses anything from before. It combines the sincerity of "The Last
Time I Saw Maris" with the utter comedic delight that is David Hyde
Pierce any time Niles becomes that excitable, slightly-creepily-
obsessed person.

The set-up of the episode is so simple, yet filled with great moments,
from the very idea of a "Fruit at the Bottom yogurt heiress" to
Daphne and Niles hustling to the dance floor just as a song ends.
Jane Leeves and David Hyde Pierce bristle with chemistry, and the
dancing is just lovely too! The ending is everything you could ever
ask for (well, except for Daphne and Niles getting together), and
cements this episode as a very honest and very funny event.

Rating: 100%


The best of Niles-Daphne chemistry!, Aug 22, 2011

Reviewer: Mohit Samant from Princeton,NJ USA

This is the first episode directed by Kelsey Grammer in the series. The
camerawork, direction, acting and dialogues are all immaculate in this
one! Niles' reaction when Daphne asking him whether he would like to take
dancing lessons from her is hilarious. Also, when he asks Daphne "Pick you
up at 7?" which is completely opposite of what John Mahoney (Martin) was
expecting is one of the funniest scenes. Finally, the chemistry between
Niles and Daphne when they're dancing is amazing. Also, I must add the
camera angles for the dance scene are very bold for a first time director.
All in all, a great episode which I can watch any number of times without
getting bored.

Rating: 92%


So much heart ..., May 22, 2010

Reviewer: Geoff from Sydney, Australia

This episode has so much appeal to every guy who has ever been completely smitten by a woman who is oblivious to his feelings.

I have watched and re-watched Frasier many times over the years and this is one of my very favourite episodes. As usual, it has some extremely funny moments. My personal favourite is from Niles who succinctly describes dancing as "difficult .. yet boring", and this line entered the lexicon of our household.

The scenes at the ball are pure fantasy for every man who's experienced unrequited love and shared a brief golden moment with the object of his affections. The writers may have been cruel by throwing it back into Niles' face the way they did, but it allowed Niles to show his true depth of character and class by accepting the unintentioned slight while staying true to his feelings for Daphne.

As for Daphne, she looked astonishing in that red dress and I am another among the many countless male devotees of the show who fell in love with her that night.

This episode is a comedic gem with humour but, more importantly, with heart and soul.

Rating: 100%


Moondance, Apr 20, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

Well, I'll be in the minority on this one, but "Moondance" has always been just passable for me. Again, without Grammer to balance things, this ep is mostly lifeless until the dance sequence. Pierce is a gifted comic actor, but as a center, he just doesn't have the personality required, which makes Niles such a great sidekick. Plus the fact that Niles, upon saying he's never danced a tango, does so flawlessly moments later. Grammer's direction is sound, and there's the norm of a handful of good laughs, but there's just something imcomplete about this one.

Rating: 80%


say no more, Dec 26, 2008

Reviewer: Kat from Kirkham NW UK

I can't say any more than this is my favourite episode ever.

Rating: 100%


Classic brilliance, Oct 23, 2008

Reviewer: Tid from SW England

This episode just demonstrates why Frasier was such a well-loved show, and
it is just exquisitely brilliant from beginning to end. In fact, so good is it, we
barely notice that Kelsey Grammer barely features (and in my opinion, DHP
is the real star anyway).

Not only is it the first show that takes the Niles and Daphne story beyond
'mere ogling', it has wit, depth, pathos, and more than its share of belly
laughs. The sub-plot with Eddie is also one of the best too : I loved the "and
now he's thinking ..." running gag when Eddie failed to perform any of the

Jane Leeves is a one-dimensional actress, but here it didn't seem to matter
as the story was so strong and the other characters at the top of their

This would be in my Top 10 Frasier episodes without any doubt.

Rating: 99%


Fabulous, Mar 09, 2008

Reviewer: Paul James from London

There really isn't much to say, other than this is one of the best-written, most sublimely-acted and exquisite episodes of Frasier. It's easily the best of Season 3 and one of the jewels of the entire 11-Season run. DHP and Jane Leeves are just faultless throughout.

Rating: 99%


A fantastic show, Feb 09, 2008

Reviewer: Emily from England

This show is one of the best I've ever seen.
It's just so frustrating though that Daphne doesn't know how Niles really feels about her. I can keep watching this episode and never get bored of it.
A classic.

Rating: 96%


Very much overrated, Jan 01, 2008

Reviewer: Dean Mather from UNITED KINGDOM

Niles and Daphnes episode and it shows. With Frasier appearing briefly at the beginning and end ,its down to Niles and Daph to carry this one and it just does not cut it. Niles is excellent in most episodes, Daphne is not,especially later as the series progresses. With no one for Niles to hit off and to much dancing and love chat,Moondance cannot elevate itself above mediocre. Better than some,but not as good as others would have you believe.

Rating: 70%


One of the finest, Aug 09, 2007

Reviewer: Streetworker from Manchester, UK

The Niles/Daphne subplot running throughout the entire run of Frasier is one of the elements which lifts the series above the norm. Yes, there were occasional duff episodes featuring it after the season 7 finale. But, in truth, these were few and far between and they do not obscure the fact that Niles' unrequited love for seven years was comedic gold.

Moondance is my favourite episode from Season 3, despite the lack of screen time for Frasier himself. It manages to be witty, intelligent, wistful, classy and very human all at the same time, and it is beautifully directed. A triumph from start to finish.

Rating: 98%



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