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Episode reviews for Episode 3.02 - Shrink Rap

Avg. Viewer Review: 83.0%
Number of Reviews: 4

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Not quite there, Dec 04, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Shrink Rap" surprised me on first viewing, because it took a
concept that many series - including this one - could've used as a
season-long arc. Frasier and Niles going into practice together
should have been more than just another examination of their
sibling rivalry. Instead, the episode seems to be a retread of the
far better examples from season 2. Even Daphne and Martin's
reactions to the situation seem less than original.

The episode gains strength, however, from two sources. First, Milo
O'Shea, who delivers a powerful performance as the boys' couples
therapist. His growing frustration, and ultimate explosion at them,
is very funny. Second, the flashback conceit - while gimmicky, true
- provides for some funny and knowing moments, as Frasier and
Niles invent little asides from those around them, which the other
brother corrects. The best moments of any 'sibling rivalry' episode
are those in which the brothers reveal just how well they know
each other. While "Shrink Rap" seems to cheapen what could
have been a more interesting concept, it's still well-told and
delightfully acted, so it's not a total loss.

Rating: 74%


Shrink Rap, Apr 21, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

Hmm, two eps in and it's already off to the much treaded sibling rivalry zone. Throw in a gimmicky flashback motif and you've got a less than stellar entry for season 3. We've seen Niles undermine Frasier's current professional position as a radio shrink, now we get more. The office squabbling over plants and nameplates gets tedious, and the acrimonious group session that turns into a grudge match of put-downs isn't much of a step up. O' Shea as the intermediary therapist garners a few grins, esp. his trust exercise fall, but what value there is in this ep coasts solely on the deliveries of Grammer and Pierce, which are always present.

Rating: 75%


'Shrink Rap' review, Jun 01, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

A terrific episode in which, having seemingly learned nothing from previous disasterous experiences such as trying to co-author a book and run a restaurant, the Crane brothers decided to go into private practice together. This is the basis of a consistently funny episode which is partly told in flashback from the office of couple's therapist Dr. Schachter (a brilliant performance by Milo O'Shea). The sibling rivalry is on sparkling form here with Niles helping Frasier get 'up to speed' with an extremely large homework assignment and the two of them squabbling over the placement of a plant which eventually ends up being thrown through a window while Frasier's constant butting in at Niles' therapy group is great, as Niles retaliates with several cracks about his brother's radio show. The closing scene is also a joy as an increasingly exasperated Schachter realises that Frasier and Niles are beyond hope, or as he neatly puts it 'competetive to the point of madness'. Excellent.

Rating: 89%


SHRINK RAP, Apr 05, 2005

Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

I had forgotten just how funny this episode actually was, for it combines everything that I believe makes 'Frasier' such a brilliantly sophisticated intelligent comedy sitcom. Written by Christopher Lloyd, who you can generally rely on to deliver an engagingly funny script, this episode dips in and out of the trends that I love in 'Frasier'. There's the renowned sibling rivalry between Niles and Frasier, pulled off to the point of insane madness by David Hyde Pierce and Kelsey Grammer in this one. The endeering quirks that Niles has for Daphine are at their flawless best in this one, there's an interesting scene on Frasier's KACL talk show, as well as some great one-liners from Martin.

The format of this show was very cleverely put together and worked excellently. I loved how the episode switched between the past and the present, as Frasier and Niles (seeing a couples therapist) try to resolve their argument, each one giving biased and extended versions of the events that built up to their argument.

Following on I particularly liked how each brother extracted different ideas from the experience. I laughed myself hoarse when Frasier was recalling Roz congratualating him on his 'staggering intellect', only for Niles to cut across him 'As if Roz would ever use such a phrase as staggering intellect!' The same joke is used again, when Niles recalls, in a flashback Daphne's tale of neighbours she had who made an ungodly racket in bed, before going on to immitate it beautifully. However the crown on the jokes head was that it only happened in Niles imagination.

There were some great scenes in this one, and due to the fact that it contaisn a terrific sibling feud, I would place it on a par with the peerless S1 episode 'Author, Author'. I loved the two brothers conducting their first therapy session, only for Niles to remind everyone that 'this was proper psychiatry now, no hanging up on the hard ones.'

The plant also proved a source of hilarity in this episode. From Niles 'maffia snitches have emerged from car trunks looking more robust' to Frasier hurling the object through a glass window. Niles reaction is the best bit in the whole show.
Niles: 'Are you insane?'
Frasier: 'If I were Doctor, you'd never know it!'

The final seasons with the therapist are also very funny. I adored, after trying various trust excerises, the Doctor saying:
'In 30 years as a couples therapist I've never said what I'm about to say, give up!'

I love it as well when Frasier and Niles begin gloating because the therapist got his qualifications at Aruba university!
Niles: 'Well tally me banana!'

A thoroughly enjoyable, highly entertaining and a lovely engaging episode that kept me laughing from start to finish. Not a dull moment in the whole episode, with the two brothers performances as snobbish and competitive as ever. I would certainly render this episode a classic!

Rating: 94%