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Episode reviews for Episode 1.05 - Here's Looking At You

Avg. Viewer Review: 83.1%
Number of Reviews: 7

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Sweet and well-centered, Jul 08, 2009

Reviewer: Sammy J from Canberra, Australia

"Here's Looking at You" is a very sweet episode, centring on Martin's
telescope relationship with a woman in a nearby building. The fact
that Martin's dating life was treated with as much respect (and
sexuality) as his sons was an indication of the intelligence of this
series, and his return to dating in this episode - neatly compounded
by Daphne's astute deduction of his reasoning - is well played. It
was relatively rare in the later seasons for episodes to focus on one
neat storyline, so this is a nice touch. There are also some very
amusing little moments, particularly Maris' Aunt who drops in with
her "G" speak, and challenges the entire Crane clan. A solid episode.

Rating: 91%


There Are A Million Stories in the Naked City..., Mar 17, 2009

Reviewer: Warren Lancaster from Toronto, ONT, CAN

The way this episode very easily blends and combines comedy and drama is quite beautiful and that alone gets it a lot of points in my book. It is wonderfully written how Martin is torn between meeting Irene or not meeting her. At the beginning, he struggles also to get back into the dating mindset.

Rating: 84%


Here's Looking At You, Aug 24, 2007

Reviewer: Amy from Wiltshire, England

A lovely episode that really allows John Mahoney to really shine as Martin. Personally, it's not one I'd show to a new viewer, but it was one that I enjoyed. The episode is funny throughout with a charming bit at the end when Daphne figures out the real reason Martin didn't want to go out with Irene. I also loved the way that Irene was never seen, and it ended with Martin answering the door to her leaving the viewer to imagine what she was like for themselves.

Favourite Moment:
[After Aunt Patrice has left]
Daphne: I feel sorry for the poor thing!
Martin: I feel sorry for Niles!
Daphne: That's who I was talking about.

Overall, a sweet and pleasant episode with a mildly serious side.

Rating: 84%



Reviewer: Cake for Brains from Manchester, UK

The emphasis of the first four episodes in the debut season seemed very much to focus on the relationships existing between the various characters, in particular the father/son situation between Frasier and Martin. Therefore, it’s nice for the show to change gear a little with Here’s Looking at You, which introduces the theme of romance into the mix – a subject that would be covered many times throughout the show’s history. Admittedly, the established ‘date goes wrong’ premise that the show did so many times was never a particular favourite of mine, but nevertheless, the failures, successes and romantic exploits of the Cranes were a vital ingredient’s of the show, and helped to flesh out the character’s considerably. This episode concentrates on Martin’s love life, which I thought was a rather odd direction to go in after so few episodes – but it works reasonably well here, because it seems to deal with the relationship in a more gentle, low-key way that in subsequent episodes/seasons. I’ve just re-watched this episode, because I was unable to remember much about it, and found it rather enjoyable, although certainly not one of Season 1’s finer episodes, despite containing some funny moments and material. The call-in at the beginning was a definite highlight, although Frasier was conveyed as being even more pompous than usual, when he nit-picked the caller’s use of grammar – ‘What you meant to say was that your mother figuratively hangs around the house, to literally hang around the house, she’d need to be a bat or a spider monkey!’ The main plot of this episode begins with Frasier considering the lack of activity in Martin’s life, hilariously contrasted by Roz’s mother who (aside from being an Attorney General) likes to hike, paint and go on archaeology digs! Frasier thus decides to get a telescope for his father, which Martin then uses to engender a relationship with another woman, who also owns a telescope – and it’s not long before they’re getting along and trading family history’s. (‘What was the name of that skin condition you had on your butt?’/ Despite Frasier’s best efforts however, it seems Martin is uninterested in pursuing the relationship. This scene in the apartment is a good one – complete with Frasier hiding from Irene, Daphne seeing a man mopping up ‘blood’ (or was it tomato juice?), Frasier’s attempt to ‘save a small forest’ and Martin wanting butter on his coffee cake!

One of the few downsides of the first season was the under using and lack of David Hyde Pierce as Niles, and although his part in this episode is rather fleeting, it is downright hilarious. Niles is in fits of laughter as he recounts to Frasier how he switched the labels on two bottles of wines – and Frasier’s reaction is priceless; ‘His face must have turned redder than a Pichon-Longueville’. Even funnier still, is Niles’ visit to Frasier’s apartment (‘I was not specifically expecting you’) accompanied by Maris’ Aunt Patrice, who is a tad eccentric to say the least, talking as she does in ‘G’ speak! This joke seems very surreal for an episode of Frasier, but although very strange and odd, it’s still very funny – ‘D’go y’gou sp’geak g’g-speak’g?’ being an example; you put a ‘g’ after every syllable! I loved Martin’s reaction, believing Patrice was having a stroke – although I can’t imagine how difficult it was for the actress to learn/say her lines properly! After the exaggerated warped zaniness of this scene, it’s nice to have a touching exchange between Martin and Frasier that brings the viewer back down; and raises the issue of Martin dating Irene again; although he has been put off her due to the fact that her middle name is Rose, the same as his late wife’s, or is it Marie? Unlike Frasier, Daphne figures out that Martin was shy of dating Irene because of his hip, but the episode concludes on an optimistic high, as Martin, attired in a suit (the tie was tested on Eddie beforehand) opens the door to welcome Irene into the apartment. Although Here’s Looking at You is missing really big laugh-out loud moments, it is consistently funny and entertaining, combining a sharp script with a good plotline. However, what I enjoyed most about this episode were the little finer touches – such as ‘g-speak’, Frasier’s phone conversation with Frederick about the Senator in his closet, the conversation between Niles and Frasier in Nervosa about the weeping wine club president and Martin’s update on the dating front; ‘the ultimate goal is still the same!’ Admittedly the main story of the episode could have been a bit funnier maybe, and Roz and Niles could have had bigger roles, but on the whole, this is a nice, low-key entertaining episode that contains more than its fair share of funny moments.

Rating: 75%


A fine romance., Jan 25, 2006

Reviewer: Nick from North Wales, U.K.

For the first time the writers tackle the subject of romance and they do so with complete success. Martin meeting a lady with his new telescope is sweet and the compassionate way in which his uncertainty about his hip is portrayed is touching. A cameo from Maris's Aunt Patrice is another clear highlight.

Rating: 89%


Review of Here's Looking At You, Jul 31, 2005

Reviewer: Beer Necessity from York, England

Another nice episode here which sees the introduction of the telescope to Frasier's apartment! The laughs come at a fairly regular pace as Martin starts a relationship with Irene, with the funniest lines being milked at Frasier's expense. Firstly he gets caught hiding behind the fireplace and then later is forced to discuss a rash with Irene over the phone. David Hyde Pierce again excels with the meagre screen time he's given (it's easy to see why the producers insisted Niles should be more of a central character in the show after these first few episodes). Aunt Patrice is a very annoying character but intentionally so and her 'G-speak' leads to some hilarious looks of exasperation from Niles and Martin.

The ending is quite touching too and doesn't settle for the easy option of Martin 'not being ready' to date following his wife's death, but instead focuses on his reluctance to be seen with his cane - a very nice touch, especially as Daphne solved this issue for Martin instead of Frasier. All in all, an enjoyable rather than a classic episode of Frasier.

Rating: 80%


'Here's Looking A t You' review, May 16, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

A nice episode which focuses on Martin's love life thanks to the addition of a telescope in the apartment. The scene where Martin is communicating with his admirer via writing on pieces of paper was great fun, especially when he caused Frasier to hide himself from view! I also liked Martin's reaction to Aunt Patrice's 'g-speak', thinking she was having a stroke! The scene where Daphne confronts Martin about his disability was quite touching and overall while not the most memorable Season 1 episode I found it a very enjoyable one all the same.

Rating: 79%