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Episode reviews for Episode 2.24 - Dark Victory

Avg. Viewer Review: 92.5%
Number of Reviews: 6

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Dark Victory, Feb 07, 2012

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

A fine finish for season deux yet again shows us these writers can take a sitcom to unknown (and very welcome) realms. Because, for me, the key to this ep is actually the setting. A majority of it takes place in Frasier's darkened apartment, with the cast -- albeit humorously -- entering their own shadowy emotional conflicts.

It's all the result of a country-wide power outage (this was part of a four-part NBC sitcom block story arc on the same night with Friends, Caroline in the City and one other show) during Martin's birthday party which is met with sniping and in-fighting. Roz is feeling homesick, prompting Frasier to invite her over for some surrogate family bonding. Instead, Martin and Daphne are going after each other, and Niles blares in to chide Fraze for unknowingly advising one of Niles' patients to terminate sessions with him. Upon the blackout, however, Frasier ends up with each cast member, individually, to provide aid for whatever emotional ailment they seem to be encountering. He rightfully gets a chance to air his own misgivings in the final moments after the foursome decide to abandon him for some barbeque with downstairs residents.

All of this set to candlelight and a crackling fireplace provide for an atmospheric close to the season. "Quack!"

Rating: 95%


"How can we top season 1's finale?", Dec 04, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

The season 1 finale, "My Coffee with Niles", cemented the series
in my heart. An endearing and intelligent script allowed the show
to do a half-hour with just the main cast, in the one location,
having a character-based discussion.

"Dark Victory", dare I say it, manages to beat the first season
finale. Whereas that show was primarily about Frasier - with brief
insights into the rest of the ensemble - this episode manages to
show us just how far the core five have come since they were
thrust together two years ago, and asks questions about where
each of them are going. For a series that was destined to last 11
years, the writers would face their fair share of challenges in
progressing the lives of Roz, Martin, et al, without altering the
status quo beyond recognition. While they'd hit a few bumps
down the road, "Dark Victory" is a confidence booster that the
series will treat its characters realistically and respectfully. Roz,
Frasier, Daphne, and Martin each face their own crises of
confidence, and the result is that all of the characters fit together
even stronger than before, yet we also see their weaker sides.

Beyond that, it's just a very funny episodes. Peri Gilpin takes
many of the best moments, such as her contemplating taking her
chances on the street, and her later query of how many years she
can continue to live her carefree lifestyle. Season 2 managed to
take the great foundation of season 1, and then somehow
elevate the series even higher. "Dark Victory" cements the season
as one of the show's peaks.

Rating: 100%


A truly brilliant series ending, Nov 23, 2009

Reviewer: James Moibehenn from Isle of wight Britain

This is undoubtably one of my favourite episodes, it's funny at the right moments but is also emotional and brilliantly written when it can be. SUPERB

Rating: 100%


An aquired taste episode that I happen to love., Jan 23, 2009

Reviewer: Trevor from San Jose, ca

This oddly enough was my absolute favorite episode in the entire run of Frasier. The obvious picks are the Niles and Daphne episodes when they either came close to getting together, or of course when they finally do. The Frasier messing up his love life yet again episodes, but these are the hidden gems. When the normal Frasier landscapes aren't providing the storyline and we get to see how talented the cast is at bouncing back and forth between dramatic and comedic. The biggest reason I love this episode is because Frasier always seems to get the brunt of ridicule from his friends and family, and he always ends up helping those in need without much appreciation. Finally in this episode he has had enough and puts them in their place. The whole group spends what was supposed to be Martin's birthday party in a power outage fighting with each other because they are all going through a funk in their lives. So Frasier rolls up his sleeves and goes to work, and after an informal mini session with each one of them the mood lightens. Frasier thinks they can now enjoy the party he planned. Then a group of people from downstairs are having a blackout party and invite them down and Frasier doesn't want to go . Martin ridicules him again and calls him a party pooper. To which Frasier lets them know what it's like have to be a public figure and a psychiatrist helping strangers everywhere he goes and finishes with, " I had my escape planned in a quiet evening spent with my extended family, and what do I get? The four of you going after each other like Deborgois on a bad day. So I roll up my sleeves and I tend to each one of you and you all feel better and soon as you get a wiff of mesquite coming from downstairs. You are out the door, without so much as a thank you! Well thank you but frankly I have had a enough of people and their problems, the Doctor is out!" It was a great monologue with Kelsey flexing his acting muscles a bit.

Rating: 100%


Dark Victory, Jan 21, 2006

Reviewer: Tom from Cumbria, England

Dark Victory:

Quite a good ending to the second season of Frasier

A power cut in Seattle means Frasier has to deal with an angry Niles and a warring Daphne and Martin at Martin's birthday party, making Roz long for her family reunion. Frasier has to once again come to the rescue and solve everyone's problem.
Quite a good episode here. I've seen better, but entertaining all the same. The three funniest moments in this episode are as follows
Martin: Right, I wouldn't like to keep anyone here any later than they had to be.
[Martin blows out candles. As he does so Seattle blacks out]
Niles: Well, we know there's nothing wrong with his lungs!
Roz: I mean how can long can I go on chasing these hunky 25 year olds that are all looks & no substance.

Frasier: You're absolutly right Roz

Roz: No I'm asking! 3, 4, 5 years?


Daphne: My friends all ask me why I continue to live under the same roof as such demanding men.

Frasier: Is that what they call me? Demanding?

Daphne: No, they call you a pompous ass!

Frasier: Ohh! But now you've learnt that I'm not?

Daphne: No, I've learn't to work around it!

Christopher Lloyd, Linda Morris & Vic Rauseo all have written up a fabulous episode that should not be missed. Although there are a lot greater episodes. I give this episode a 75% rating due to this.

Rating: 75%


'Dark Victory' review, May 30, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

After the explosive farce of the previous episode this far more low key affair makes for a nice contrast as all five of the main characters find themselves at Frasier's apartment for Martin's birthday, during which a power cut occurs, and Frasier finds himself having to sort out everybody's problems. Having most of the episode set in near darkness works extremely well and there's a nice touch when a title card appears between two seperate moments of complete darkness. The 'I'm the dullest person' game is great fun, especially Roz admitting to her past sexual exploits and I love when a breathless Niles returns to the apartment with a cry of 'Need place to die!'. As with the previous season's 'My Coffee With Niles' this is a nicely reflective ending to Season 2 - which stands as arguably one of the finest seasons in Frasier's 11-year run.

Rating: 85%