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Episode reviews for Episode 2.18 - The Club

Avg. Viewer Review: 92.7%
Number of Reviews: 3

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Sibling rivalry, Nov 29, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Who could have known that the casting of just one actor would
surely be the main reason this show lasted so long? David Hyde
Pierce brought every aspect of his talent to the role of Niles, and
created a character whose relationships with every other member
of the ensemble were simply sparkling.

The Niles/Frasier rivalry (discussed on 'Cheers' long ago) is
undoubtedly the best element of 'Frasier', and it's in full force
here. The snobbery of both Crane brothers comes on strong as
they battle for membership at an exclusive club, while trying to
convince themselves (and each other) that they aren't rivals.
Frasier's absolute obsession with being able to say "I'll be at my
club" is grand, and the scenes where they begin one-upping each
other at the club event are hysterical. Things get more and more
out of hand in the episode's climax, with a classic
misunderstanding. The final confrontation is full of amusing little
moments, particularly when Frasier and then Niles fall utterly in
love with a leather chair. Blissful.

Rating: 98%


If you need me I'll be at my club, Jul 23, 2009

Reviewer: D. Wigg from Lowestoft, United Kingdom

I purchased the Frasier box set for 50 off the website, all eleven series, brillant. This is such a brillant episode. It all begins at the station where Frasier works, Niles comes in and in a brillant bit of dialogue with Roz, he can't remember who she is, and she says shes their for a career and Niles says Good Luck. Niles tells Frasier their are a couple of available places at a posh club. Frasier becomes jealous. The next thing you see is Frasier getting ready in his apartment, to go with Niles and Maris, as he has convienced Niles that two people would be better. Frasiers date cancels at the last minute, so he takes Daphne. The look on Niles face is brillant. They have cards about everyone at the club so they know how to creep to whoever they have to, to get the place. They talk to a man and they find out that there is now only one place available, so of course out comes their competitive sides. Niles says that he would like his brother to get the place. The man compliments him on his gesture. Niles says 'well we can't risk another suicade attempt like last time'. Frasier then says, 'That must have been that kind of humour that kept you going when you were locked up for threatening the presidents life'. The next best scene is where Niles and Frasier and Roz are in the cafe shop together, and Frasier gets a call from the club and they want to speak to Niles. Frasier gives him the phone and you hear him being let down about getting the place. Niles says be graceful when you don't get the place, but then he looks at Frasier after Frasier speaks to them and realises, that Frasier got the place. Frasier says to Niles that its only a place and nothing special, then when Niles leaves, Frasier celebrates. Frasier then decides to go to the club and ask them to give Niles, his place. When Niles hears about this, he goes off to the club, as he doesn't want to be there if they didn't offer him the place. Frasier is talking to one of the people there, and they say do you really want to give up the place, and Frasier says yes. They then say they didn't choose him, because they didn't want anyone who gave advice on the radio, Frasier realises that they did want Niles but didn't want him. He is about to explain, when Niles comes in and even though Frasier gives him plenty of chances, to forget about saying what he is about to say. Niles continues, 'I don't want to be in your club, yes I'm talking to you fuzzy'. After Niles has said a few more things, Frasier informs him that they wanted him instead, where Niles says 'What', 'Good grief man, fetch me some port and step lively'. Then both Niles and Frasier are told to leave, and Niles has to be carried by a waiter. One of my favorite episodes.

Rating: 100%


'The Club' review, May 28, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Sibling rivalry rears it's ugly head again as the Crane brothers find themselves vying for membership of the exclusive Empire Club, only to discover that there is only one open position. Despite the simple premise the episode works very well thanks to the typically funny sparring of the Frasier/Niles double act - their attempts to ruin each other's chances are hilarious, especially Niles tactlessly referring to Frasier's 'splashy suicide attempt', while the ending where Niles is carried out of the club grovelling and pleading to be allowed back in after he learns of the mix up is very funny. An interesting cameo in this episode comes from Jim Norton, who would later go on to play Bishop Brennan in the classic UK sitcom 'Father Ted'.

Rating: 80%