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Episode reviews for Episode 2.17 - Daphne's Room (a.k.a A Room With A View)

Avg. Viewer Review: 86.8%
Number of Reviews: 17

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My Perspective., Jul 01, 2012

Reviewer: Caroline from Sweden

I understand how Daphne feels about Frasier being in her room, but what I don't get is how it's totally Frasier's fault. If his book was in Daphne's room in the first place, that means she took it. It wasn't mentioned if she asked to borrow it.

It is partly Daphne's fault, and his family says it's Frasier's because he didn't ask permission. I doubt Frasier would've known how Daphne would react, since he doesn't mind her going into his room. She took a pretty big chance in taking his book.

At the same time Daphne didn't know when Frasier would be needing his book back; and Frasier could've left a note or something on her door. Funny how Daphne and Frasier seemed to cross paths.

Rating: 50%


As GOOD as it gets..., Mar 25, 2012

Reviewer: Bond-San from London, UK

Daphne's Room is one of the peaks of Season Two, and thereby one of the best ever. It's
22 minutes of pure farce, which any true Frasier fan surely appreciates. Sublime

Rating: 100%


"Daphne's Room" "Frasier" bad as it gets, Mar 11, 2012

Reviewer: Chris Rodgers from Pittsburgh, PA

I'm a fan of the show "Frasier", but they have these moments like the weather on the local news. Misunderstandings that would never happen in real life. At least not anywhere near the degree they stretch them to. This was a whole episode filled with that and predictability. I was so furious that I watched this episode. Remarkable that "Daphne's Room" got some good reviews and laughs. Wow is all I can say. I'm a Frasier fan because of the solid writing. You would have to have the mentality of a dog to have enjoyed this episode. It was obviously written in about 30 minutes. Frasier wants to get caught. Frasier's weakest link is these stupid misunderstandings that they let go on and on. They are not believable in the slightest. What it says is the writers think their audiences are idiots. Obviously many are.

Rating: 17%


A great credit to the cast, Nov 29, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

At some point in their lives, most sitcoms do an episode that
features only the regular cast. On most sitcoms, however, this is
generally a special event, or an excuse to showcase some other
production technique - shooting in real time or in the one location.
"Daphne's Room" is, by chance, an episode with speaking parts
only for the five regulars, but you wouldn't know it unless you
looked at the cast list. All five of the ensemble (and Eddie) make
this an enchanting and hilarious half-hour, born out of the
characters and their relationships, and some sublime physical

It's strange that the weirdness of Daphne's situation - living and
working for two men who also happen to be two of her close
friends and confidantes - is rarely used as a plot on the series. So
it's a great relief that this episode is very, very funny and truthful.
All the scenes in Daphne's room are exquisitely directed. My
personal favourite is still that first examination, with photographs
of Prince Charles and that utterly bizarre little alien knick-knack.
Niles jumping back and forth with glee into Daphne's doorway is
also hilarious.

It's a nice showcase for Jane Leeves too, as she finally
contemplates her living situation, and feels like a step toward the
ultimate bonding of the extended Crane clan.

Rating: 93%


So-o-o funny!, Jul 19, 2011

Reviewer: lilo from Seattle,WA

I laugh so hard I cry with this episode. The funniest scene involves Frasier, Daphne, and Eddie in the bathroom with the shower, the toilet and Frasier hiding behind the door. You will howl in laughter.

Rating: 100%


exellent episode, Jan 11, 2010

Reviewer: alyssa from Australia, wa

i am a very big fraiser fan. i would have to say when i watched this episode i fell off my couch laughing. it is a very well written and acted episode. i loved it because you thaught you hit the peck of the big funny bit but then it just keeps going for the hole 22 minutes. i loved it also because the whole fraiser going into daphnes room then trying to keep it from her and then at the end when fraiser has to buy daphne a car. excellent and impressive. :)

Rating: 100%


Very well done..., Jul 19, 2009

Reviewer: AdmiralXizor from Dallas, TX

There were many great exchanges, but my favorite is:

Niles: Of, so I'm a coward?
Frasier: Yes!
Niles: Well I'm a coward with a hickey..! (drinks his coffee)

Rating: 100%


A Classic, Jun 24, 2009

Reviewer: Danny from USA

Probably my favorite episode. The whole plot of Frasier contiuning to go back in Daphne's room even though he got in trouble for doing it the first time is hilarious. And the beginning where Frasier sings "Great Balls of Fire" is hilarious also, it really shows that Frasier isn't always a snob. Just a great episode!

Rating: 100%


makes me laugh, Nov 16, 2007

Reviewer: Brenda from Oregon, USA

I really liked this episode. things would have been so much easier for Frasier if he had come clean to begin with, but no... as the show progresses, he keeps getting caught, on the brink of losing Daphne. In the end realizing that a little payment in return for her troubles may be what it takes. I think my favorite part is when all the men, including Eddie, are found in Daphne's room trying to repair the damage they started... haha, I love it.

Rating: 85%


Overrated episode, Jun 04, 2007

Reviewer: John Richardson from San Francisco, CA USA

Frasier is a magnificent series. That said, this episode was one of the least enjoyable of the entire run. I was on edge in a bad way; I felt uncomfortable watching it, which is ridiculous for a sitcom. It was like watching an episode of an 80's sitcom where the teenage kid was throwing a party while his parents were out of town. You knew he was going to get caught and grounded; where's the fun in that? As a result, I was cringing the whole time because I knew the boys were going to get in trouble. I want to relax and laugh when I watch a comedy, not become more tense than I was when I began. For that reason, this was my least favorite episode of my favorite show ever.

Rating: 45%



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