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Episode reviews for Episode 2.11 - Seat Of Power

Avg. Viewer Review: 83.7%
Number of Reviews: 3

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Character insight, Nov 28, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Seat of Power", like "Burying a Grudge" before it, is definitely not
a series highlight. However, as with basically all of season 2, the
comedy is mined directly from the reality of the characters'
personalities and psyches, and it holds the interest from
beginning to end. The complicated nature of bully vs. bullied
relationship is given a good workout here. Frasier and Niles aren't
wrong to want revenge, and it's so in character for them to think
that merely flaunting their lifestyles will be enough. However, the
Kriezel boys are - as they learn - also flawed, dimensional people.
And, after all, in a testosterone-heavy, boys' school environment,
were they really expected not to pick on the kid with the attache
case? I don't know if the ending is entirely satisfying, if only
because it feels like the situation was devised and then the
writers had to do whatever they could to end it. But it's an
enjoyable episode, with some great moments for Martin, and
some excellent humour from David Hyde Pierce, who has really
found every comic nuance of his character in the scenes where he
discovers Maris is aroused by his efforts at manual labour.

Rating: 81%


Just how big is that bathroom anyway?, Sep 06, 2005

Reviewer: Leanne from Midlands, UK

Although I don't view this episode as a true Frasier 'classic', for various reasons it's one of my personal favourites. Sometimes the best moments of Frasier happen during mundane moments - Frasier and Niles' quips in Cafe Nervosa; Daphne relaying an adolescent memory; Martin poking fun at his sons' effeminate tendencies... the list could go on and on.

And this episode really does center around a mundane moment - the fixing of a toilet! Martin challenges Frasier to fix a faulty toilet, which, with Niles' help, he attempts. Of course this isn't quite pulled off ('Shouldn't the water be stopping right about now?'), and they have to resort to calling a plumber ('the world seems right again now').

Unfortunately the plumber ends up being Danny - Niles' school bully. Mayhem ensues as Niles attempts to push Danny's head down the toilet in payback for all the times he was on the receiving end as an adolescent. However Frasier thwarts Niles in his attempt, and encourages him to speak rationally to his schoolyard nemesis in order to resolve his anger.

Whilst Niles retreats to the sitting room with Danny to do this, Frasier is met with Danny's mate Billy - Frasier's own childhood bully! It culminates in Niles successfully conversing with Danny while Frasier becomes more and more irrational, eventually running dramatically, arms flailing wildly, out of the apartment with a wet-headed Billy chasing him.

This episode, as usual, contains some great lines - Maris getting aroused by Niles' attempt at manual labour is a highlight ('Maris, I'm holding some sort of large wrench!') and Martin's closing line is a perfect note to end on - 'Oh, Eddie, don't drink out of the toilet! Someone just had their head in there.'

This is a perfectly contained episode, with a very simple premise. Only the skilled writing show-cased on Frasier could pull it off in such a funny and entertaining way.

Rating: 91%


'Seat Of Power' review, May 27, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Having heard references to Frasier and Niles' childhood bullies the Kriezel brothers in previous episodes it was only a matter of time before they actually made an appearance, which they duly do in this enjoyable episode. The unlikely sight of Frasier and Niles trying to do a spot of plumbing is fun and naturally their efforts only make matters worse when the leaky toilet begins to overflow. The arrival of their childhood tormentors leads to a situation where Niles almost dunks Danny's head in the toilet only to be stopped by Frasier who ironically ends up doing the exact same thing to Billy while Niles behaves more rationally, giving Danny a virtual therapy session in the living room where they eventually come to an understanding. There are some delightful visual moments here such as Niles' many failed attempts at pushing Danny's head down the toilet bowl as well as the very silly joke where Niles is furiously swatting away an enormous bee on the balcony. Not quite classic but extremely good fun.

Rating: 79%