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Episode reviews for Episode 2.09 - Adventures in Paradise Part 2

Avg. Viewer Review: 95.5%
Number of Reviews: 4

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Madeline, Meet Lilith, Nov 28, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

The second half of "Adventures in Paradise" is a gem. But then, what
episode with Bebe Neuwirth isn't? Like the first half, "Part 2" is filled
with character-specific humour that adds layer upon layer to Frasier's
growing relationship plight.
The added addition of the farce in Bora Bora makes this a highlight of
season 2. Frasier goes completely off the deep end trying to ensure
that Lilith doesn't win, and it's hysterical. JoBeth Williams really sells
her character's low-key reactions to all of this, and it feels like a true
shame when the pairing doesn't work out.
The rest of the ensemble are, again, underused, but that's fair
enough in a streamlined episode such as this. "Adventures in
Paradise" is a great example of a two-parter that feels like it has
earned the extended running time, but without ever dragging.

Rating: 95%


Hurricane Lilith, Jul 07, 2008

Reviewer: David Sim from Skelmersdale, England

Into Pt 2, and thankfully it lives up to the high standards laid out by Pt 1. After assuring Frasier she's not vacationing with Sam Malone (!), Lilith introduces him to her lover Brian. And Frasier follows suit with Madeline. There's a nice bit of rivalry here. Frasier and Lilith passionately kiss their prospective lovers just to make the other jealous. And there's a great quip from Frasier after he learns of Brian's job:

"Well that's perfect. Brian being a seismologist and you having so many faults!"

Quite frankly I was surprised to see what a great figure Lilith has. She's as pale down below as she is on top but she is a knockout. She also looks cute with that flower in her hair.

Adventures in Paradise becomes trouble in paradise when Frasier keeps obsessing over how happy Lilith is with Brian, much to Madeline's frustration. JoBeth Williams puts in another excellent performance, assuring Frasier that by the time this holiday is over, he'll forget he was ever married to Lilith. Not that it makes him the slightest bit better:

"That's never happened before without a prescription."

Things build to an hysterical climax when Frasier wrecks the bed hoping to fool Lilith into thinking he and Madeline are having sweaty, jungle sex. Lots of "oh yeahs", jumping and pounding on the walls, not knowing he's being watched by Lilith, Brian...and a disgusted Madeline!

Suffice it to say, they're relationship is now in tatters. Madeline left early, leaving Frasier to foot the bill ("$2500 for bamboo!"), but after an impassioned plea over the airwaves, Madeline decides to give Frasier another chance.

Niles, Daphne and Martin need to clear out for the evening, so they're all going to the ballet. There's lots of witty little jabs here. Martin observes he's not sure where to look when male ballet dancers show up in they're tight pants. Niles recounts the tale of how Maris wanted to be a ballerina when she was a little girl, but the poor thing could never get her weight up! And Daphne is looking forward to seeing some "leaping Russian stags" with her binoculars.

Frasier and Madeline's date again shows the great chemistry between Kelsey Grammer and JoBeth Williams. The two are so comfortable with each other, and they have a fine rapport. I really think there could have been a future for these two. Most of Frasier's dates over the years have been merely amusing, but Madeline is one of a select few I really took a shine to. And that's a very short list indeed. The others that spring to mind are Laura Linney, Laurie Metcalf and Sela Ward. All women I would have liked Frasier to have ended up with.

Sadly, Frasier and Madeline are not to be. Because just as they're getting close, Lilith drops by! Madeline can't keep up with these complications and storms out. Frasier's not in the room at the time, and it sets up a wonderful gag when he reenters it not knowing Lilith is sitting in Martin's chair, thinking its Madeline. He dims the lights, and goes into smooth talking mode, Lillith turns around and Frasier shrieks! What a classic scene!

Kelsey Grammer's at his exasperated best here. He even asks Lilith what's she done with Madeline! But even better is when he thunders away and says he'd stake Lilith if he thought it would kill her. But it probably wouldn't. The episode then changes gear when Lilith says Brian wants to marry her.

Since Brian turns out to be gay, (although we don't learn that til the Season 5 episode Room Service) its a bit hard not to feel sorry for Lilith when she says Brian loves her, with foreknowledge of what's to come. Although you'd think the fact that he wanted to get married in Las Vegas would have tipped her off!

The ultimate high point of the episode is when Frasier and Lilith share an affectionate hug, only for Martin, Niles and Daphne to walk in on them. Martin's shriek is hilarious! And his relief that she's getting married to someone other than Frasier is brilliant! I've never seen him move so fast!

Things come to a very satisfying conclusion back at Bora Bora. It feels like an Instant Replay. Frasier and Madeline. And it even ends the same way, only this time on the surreal sight of Diane!Thankfully its just a dream. But the reality is just as disturbing. Frasier is now holidaying with Niles!

Shame that Frasier and Madeline never got back together. I thought they really clicked. Still, Adventures in Paradise has been a wonderful two-part story. Both parts were excellent, and keeps up the very high standards of Season 2.

Rating: 100%


the best ever, Jul 27, 2006

Reviewer: jr from minneapolis

I am a frasier fanatic and I just say that this is arguably the funniest frasier episode of all time.

Rating: 100%


'Adventures In Paradise (Part II)' review, May 26, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

The second part of the story begins where the first part left off, with Frasier discovering that Lilith is staying at the same hotel in Bora Bora - as it happens with her new partner Brian. Naturally Frasier feels that he and Madeline have to compete with their affections which culminates in the classic scene of embarrassment where Frasier pretends to have sex while jumping up and down on the hotel bed - only to realise he's being watched by everyone. After this we return to the more familiar surroundings of Seattle as Frasier and Madeline's evening is interrupted once again by Lilith. I love Lilith's reference to Frasier's 'trademark mangos on a stick' as well as the great sight gag where Frasier re-enters the room and finds that Madeline appears to have turned into Lilith - his cry of 'What have you done with Madeline?' is hilarious, as is Martin's relief when he learns that Lilith will be getting married - to someone else! All in all, this is an excellent second half to a wonderful two-parter.

Rating: 87%