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Episode reviews for Episode 11.23 - Goodnight Seattle

Avg. Viewer Review: 94.2%
Number of Reviews: 33

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I hope our Chinese acrobats are sufficiently rosined, Jul 16, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

A sweet and thoughtful ending to one of the truly great sitcoms. "Goodnight Seattle" gives nods to many of the great "Frasier" tropes throughout its running time. Daphne's family, the return of the magnificent Bebe Glazer ("I cried so hard it was all I could do to stuff your demo tape into a FedEx pouch"), some good material for Tom McGowan, Martin accidentally scheduling his wedding for Eddie's birthday, Ronee's dry wit (the revelation that Ronee and Martin call the boys "the duke and duchess" is so very funny!), it's all beautiful stuff. (Mark Deklin's brief appearance as Clint feels like perhaps there was more cut during filming, however.)

A great range of formulas too. The delightful pile-on scene where everyone shows up at Frasier's apartment when all he wants is a quiet night. The powerful, sweet farewell between Frasier and Charlotte, which really reminds us of just how fascinating the journey has been for Kelsey Grammer's character since he first showed up at that Boston bar to steal Diane away from Sam. Frasier and Niles planning a massive event at the last moment, full of moments that reminds us how far the characters have come (Bebe begins building up the wonders of television only for Frasier to shortly cut her off, for instance - he's still tempted by it, but now they know each other's score). Daphne giving birth in the hands of a youthful vet. The comedy of errors when everyone assumes Frasier is dying. And the nice, softer character touches, as when Martin and Niles bond over worrying your child won't connect with you, or when Frasier sits alone, facing a new solitary chapter in his life, with the beautiful irony that his long-desired Eames chair in fact represents everything Frasier is now missing from his life.

Although much of the final season focused on Frasier Crane at the expense of the others, it became clear this was because they had all reached those self-content moments in life earlier than he had. We get to see Martin at last married to a woman who embodies many of his values, Daphne and Niles embracing parenthood still aware that they have much to learn about each other, and Roz stepping up to a new role in life that she's gradually discovered is her passion. Frasier's final broadcast reminds us that there is much more to come for these characters, and provides us with the neat little twist of his arrival in Chicago.

I'll miss the coffees too, Niles.

Rating: 97%


A sad day for Seattle, May 25, 2011

Reviewer: Johnston from Bessbrook N. Ireland

In my opinion Frasier is probably the best comedy show to be seen on T V in years.
Goodnight Seattle was a fitting end,but it is my hope that Frasier will sometime return to
our screens.Well done to everyone involved with the show and thanks again Frasier.

Rating: 99%


Wonderful episode!, Apr 23, 2011

Reviewer: DHPfan from Anytown, AT 55555

 Needless to say, ilke all Frasier episodes, this one was hilarious, but it was different as it
signified the end of something great, possibly even the greatest show the world has seen.
Frasier has seen so many good times, and so many bad times, so many good dates, and
countless number of bad ones. Numerous arguments, and numerous happy times. Frasier
has always been lucky to have such supportive and loving family and friends who he is so
close to, especially Niles. 
  This episode not only signified the end of Frasier, as we know it, but it signified the start
of Frasier's new life. A wonderful, touching episode, and in this episode, Frasier is a
changed person and he has realised that there is more to life than his career and work.
There is a life to live. The part when he says farewell on his show and he quoted the
poem: To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. That was when I started to cry. I don't
think I have actually cried for a tv show before, but this episode was so touching. I think it
is rare to find one like Frasier, so charming. But this episode signifies the farewell of an
eloquent and pompous yet certainly loveable psychiatrist, Good night, Seattle.

Rating: 100%


A beautiful goodbye, Dec 17, 2010

Reviewer: Frank from The Hague, Netherlands

Well, I can spend many word on a review but one thing says it all: I
cried when Martin and Niles said goodbye to Frasier. And I can't even
remember the last time I cried for a television programma.

It is a beautiful last episode for a beautiful serie which will be long

Rating: 97%


Un-forseen End , Aug 30, 2010

Reviewer: Daniel Spears from Chillicothe, Ohio USA

I watched this episode today and have just realized this was the last !? What a terrible ending....its seems so many shows/movies/programs do this these days. Leave you hanging. Frasier has become over the past few months my favorite sitcom ever...and with that being said I highly doubt any will ever come close. Its sad because when you watch so many of the episodes you feel like you know the characters. Then with such a brunt ending you feel left guessing. I agree with many of the people on here, they should continue with a 12th season. Fortunes are to be had! Which is why I dont understand why the dont make more.
Oh well
Fare Well to Frasier.
ps: its gonna suck watching other episodes now....knowing the ending.

Rating: 100%


Frasier's Final Episode : A Little Disappointing, Jul 06, 2010

Reviewer: Patty from New Baltimore, MI

Love the next Crane generation being born and Martin's wedding. Why Charlotte was brought onto the canvas is beyond me. Frasier should have been paired with Roz or Lilith. This would have given us an Ahhhh moment. We never connected with Charlotte. She was like a last minute write in :-(

Rating: 90%


So Sad..., Sep 23, 2009

Reviewer: Joanne Davis from London

I cried when Frasier ended. I didn't mean to, it just happened and my son was hiding that he had a tear in his eye too. A wonderful comedy, I think it's the best ever. The writers never waned the timing of the comedy was superb and the acting so brilliant.

It was consistently funny and sophisticated thanks to Frasier and Niles' pomposity, but it also had a down to earth feel about it with characters like, Ros, Martin and Daphne keeping the boyss' feet on the ground. Losing Frasier was like losing an old friend and he and his family and friends will be sadly missed around here. :( Bravo and thanks for all the laughs.

Rating: 100%


The Ending of Frasier Crane, Oct 17, 2008

Reviewer: Ben from Scotland, Stirling

Frasier has been my favourite programme for so long, i was so upset when i watched this episode. Just the fact of frasier crane ending coming true. It was a great programme and well done to all the crew, espically the actor of Niles, and the script writers. Although all the actors were great.

My favourite story line of the whole show was the love story with Niles and Daphne. It started of just with hilarious moments with Niles all over her, and then it became exciting and interesting.

The Episode in particular was very good, and all though it is impossible, it would be great for a season 12, also you would make a fortune.

Rating: 100%


End of an era...., Oct 07, 2008

Reviewer: Maggie from Lancashire

I never watched Frasier when it was first broadcast in the UK, and just saw a couple of episodes shown in the morning when off work. But that was enough! I decided to treat myself to Series 1 DVDs and took the toaster into the front room, anticipating something special.

I bought the final series 4 days ago, and have just finished watching some of my favourite TV characters saying Goodbye to one brilliant, pompous, snobby, good-hearted, sherry-soaked windbag.

I've enjoyed all the episodes, some more than others, and each one has usually had at least one laugh-out-loud moment.... Daphne and the eel, Cam Winston's flag, Gil's romping, Eddie doing anything. The only other US show that meant as much to me was MASH. But Frasier will always be special, as will this episode.... I can now go back to Series 1 and begin again!

And am I the only Frasier Fan to think that after 2-3 series the writers began to put in English expressions & words? I've been to the US a few times but never heard an American use the word twit! It was always fun to see British guest stars too, Patrick Stewart being outstanding.

Thank You to everyone who helped to bring Frasier to life.

Rating: 100%


So good!, Aug 16, 2008

Reviewer: Olivia from Naperville, IL, USA

I cried at this episode! It was so good and was a perfect ending to Fraiser.

Rating: 100%



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