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Episode reviews for Episode 1.21 - Travels With Martin

Avg. Viewer Review: 94.3%
Number of Reviews: 14

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Travels With Martin Fantasic and Funny Episode , Jun 07, 2011

Reviewer: Carys Humphreys from Carmarthen, Wales,United Kingdom

This episode is funny especially the part where Daphne said "Well, you've certainly got this trip well-planned, Mr. Crane!Whenever I take a holiday I just grab a fresh pair of knickers and see where the wind takes me"! and Niles looks at Dpahne backside after she makes this coment, and when Frasier said Niles... Niles! after noticing Niles looking at Daphne, Frasier then pulls hard right on the steering wheel making the vehicle
swerve sharply left. Everyone else remains in the same place but
Niles, caught off balance, crashes left into some overhead cupboards, right into a chair behind Daphne and then falls spectacularly onto the floor whilst clutching at the kitchen sideboard. He quickly attempts to retake his place behind Frasier, before Daphne and Martin notice. I also love the part when Niles films Daphne sleeping and Frasier ask him "Niles! What are you doing?! and Niles answers "I'm making a vacation video, something that we can look at years from now, over and over and over and over again.

There another part I like when Daphne screams realising thier in Canada and I love the last part the most of all when Niles films Daphne sleeping again and she wakes up and notice that Niles filming her and when the camcorder pan left to reveal a very disapproving Frasier looking right into the camera.

Rating: 100%


Classic!, Jul 09, 2009

Reviewer: Sammy J from Canberra, Australia

This is an hysterical, classic episode. Frasier, Niles and Daphne join
Martin in a rented Winnebago but find themselves over the border
and in trouble. Frasier and Martin's hilarious arguments, Daphne's
inability to say anything but "Sure" as she pretends to be an
American, and Niles' general reactions to everything are all perfect.
Roz isn't given much to do, but she cracks me up as she shoots
down Frasier about working three hours a day. A great episode that
perfectly utilises the characters.

Rating: 100%


Winnebago Roadwarrior, May 02, 2009

Reviewer: Warren Lancaster from Toronto, ONT CAN

This, I feel, is one of the great episodes of Frasier. There is not one bad bit in this show. It is fabulous from the very beginning. Definately a Must-See!

Rating: 99%


Favorite Episode, Apr 22, 2009

Reviewer: AJ from Ontario, Canada

This is one of my favorite episodes and also one of the best written.

I admit I am a sucker for two things in television- 1) mass vacations with friends or family, and 2) road trips. This episode packs not only both of those things, but also has great jokes, hilarious events, and a warm, fuzzy, cozy feeling that has 'classic TV' written all over it.

I am especially glad that, once he is inside one, Frasier lets go of the whole 'Winnebagos are above me' attitude that we obviously expected him to have at the beginning, and admits to his father that he is having a great time.

After all the comedy and the craziness, there is also a very nice scene between Frasier and Martin, whose scenes together are always one of the best things about an episode.

I also liked the Winnebago show from Season 7, but not quite as much as this first go-around. This one is just tough to beat, and is one of the episodes I can rewatch over and over.

Rating: 100%


Travels with Martin, Apr 13, 2009

Reviewer: Daniel Argent from Grays, Essex

This is my second-favourite episode of Frasier, after 'The Matchmaker' and an ultimate classic. I enjoy the episodes that focus on Frasier's relationship with Martin, and this is the best of them all. It is also another example of the culture clash between father and son, with Frasier planning exotic holidays in five-star hotels and Martin wanting to go out on the open road. The fact that they want Daphne and Niles to accompany them shows that they are uncomfortable being alone together.
The one-liners in this episode are classic and come from everyone, from Roz's comment about Frasier working three hours a day, to Niles' 'And so am I!' when he discovers that Daphne is going on the trip, to Frasier's 'Tea? Why don't you just wave a crumpet in the air and start singing God save the Queen?', to finally Martin's 'I've got a better surprise than that. Let's tell Daphne we're in Mexico!'

Rating: 97%


Travels With Martin, Dec 23, 2008

Reviewer: BJ from Rockwall, TX USA

Very funny episode, enjoyed it a lot, love Frasier watch it all the time!

Rating: 100%


The Crane clan hits the road (in a Winnebago!), Jun 16, 2008

Reviewer: David Sim from Skelmersdale, England

As Season One draws to a close, Travels With Martin is a huge return to form after the slightly limp Fortysomething. Apparently John Mahoney's favourite episode, this is a nice change of pace because it dispenses with Frasier's three usual locations (barring the first seven minutes) and sets a story on the open road.

The KACL staff are on a week's vacation and Frasier is looking forward to being "pampered like a spoiled child" at the Golden Door spa. But he feels guilty when he learns Roz is taking her mother to Ireland. Its a testament to the writers' skills that they can turn what could have been a mawkish scene in a much funnier direction. The verbal jousting between Frasier and Roz is positively joyous:

Frasier: Why don't you just write the words "Bad Son" on my forehead?

Roz: There's nothing wrong with pampering yourself on vacation. After all you do work three hours a day!

Sadly Roz only gets that one scene to strut her stuff. Something many reviewers criticised the Seasons 8/9/10 writers for doing, but this shows that even in the early days Roz would get shortchanged sometimes. Still she provides the dynamic that sets the episode in motion. Frasier decides to share his holiday with Martin.

The scene at Frasier's apartment opens on the very funny sight of Daphne giving Niles a massage after he threw out his back trying to lift Maris' luggage. Actually the whole scene is filled with amusing little gems. Like Martin mispronouncing Galapagos. Niles' suggestion that Frasier hires a "tough little Sherpa" to carry Martin on his back should they decide to go rock-climbing. Martin wanting to see America in a Winnebago(!). Frasier's horror at that notion. Niles thinking they should call it the Whooping Cranes. And best of all, Niles refusing Frasier's pleas to come along rather than be alone with Martin, only to relent as soon as he learns Daphne is coming along (at Martin's request).

And so they're off. I love John Mahoney's reaction when Frasier doesn't make the turn when he should have, and when he's fumbling with the map ("its always in the crack"). Great bit of physical comedy from David Hyde Pierce when Frasier makes a hard left to get Niles to stop staring at Daphne's...well you know what. Even funnier is watching Niles (in a baseball cap!) and Frasier revert to children telling they're Dad to stop for something ("the only word I saw was legendary"). Niles secretly videotaping Daphne is a bit creepy but then its something he wants to look back on over and over (and over).

Its when the episode gets into its final third that Travels With Martin really hits its stride. The Crane clan are in Canada, and Daphne doesn't have her green card yet. So there's only one thing to do, smuggle her back across the border. But they're plan is hardly foolproof, since the only word Daphne can say in an American accent is "sure". I love the bit when she needs some tea to steady her nerves and Frasier shouts:

"Why don't you just wave a crumpet in the air and sing God Save the Queen!

Everyone's on edge. At the checkpoint, Niles gives one word answers ("Fun"). Frasier keeps babbling about America. And Daphne can only say "sure". But Martin comes to the rescue by saying they don't have a rabies certificate for Eddie. And it works! Its brilliant when Frasier sees this as an opportunity to get rid of Eddie ("ignorance of the law is not a defence so take the little dog away").

The little father/son bonding between Frasier and Martin at the end is a nice way to wrap things up. There's a nicely subtle moment where they mutually acknowledge they're not quite ready to take a trip on they're own just yet. Love the last line when they think about telling Daphne she's woken up in Mexico! And the tag scene from Niles perspective taping Daphne (to her horror) is a superb closer.

Travels With Martin is a brilliant episode. I can understand why John Mahoney loves it so much. It really does fire on all cylinders and hits the bullseye everytime. Not only is it funny as hell, but everybody gets great lines and great scenes (Eddie included). Class act all the way and a lovely departure from the series' comfort zone.

One of the season's very best.

Rating: 100%


Four in a Winnebago, Nov 30, 1989

Reviewer: Leeves being an Essex girl, impersonating a Manchester Lass, Impersonating an American. Hilarious, Sure! from Niall

This is a great episode. Martin and Frasier Bonding, when did that happen! And Jane

Rating: 93%


Travels with Martin, May 27, 2007

Reviewer: Jenny R. from London

Perhaps the best of season 1. Marty, Daph and the boys take a trip across America...IN A WINNEBAGO. Not exactly Frasier's idea of a good time (not to mention Niles'; he only came 'cos of Daphne).

One of my personal favorites, this episode certainly deserves recognition.

Rating: 97%


Travels With Martin, Apr 07, 2006

Reviewer: Amz from Wiltshire, UK

This episode was one of my favourites of the series. I couldn't stop laughing when Daphne says "I need a cup of tea" and Frasier says "TEA?? Why not just wave a crumpet in the air and start singing 'God Save The Queen!'" Also, the only thing Daphne could say in an American accent was "sure" was hilarious too. A generally great episode.

Rating: 95%



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