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Episode reviews for Episode 1.02 - Space Quest

Avg. Viewer Review: 88.5%
Number of Reviews: 14

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An Excellent Follow-Up, Apr 29, 2013

Reviewer: Orion from Pennsylvania

If Frasier's pilot were to be an hour long, the producers could have
blended The Good Son and Space Quest seamlessly to make one
excellent coherent episode.

This episode may be a little slower paced than its predecessor, but it
still has a lot of humorous scenes. I have always loved the scene
where Martin and Frasier try to have a conversation. Very funny!

Rating: 90%


Does Frasier beat the second episode syndrome?, Feb 10, 2011

Reviewer: David Sim from Skelmersdale, Lancashire

Whenever a sitcom (or any TV show for that matter) begins with an exceptional, strong pilot episode we hop about on pins and needles waiting for the second episode, fully expecting it to deliver on the promise we glimpsed the week before. But second episodes are notoriously tricky things to pull off. I've seen many TV shows with impressive pilots but thoroughly disappointing follow-ups (e.g. Angel, and dare I say it, Fawlty Towers' second episode The Builders).

Certainly The Good Son was an impressive debut. It did an excellent job of taking Frasier Crane out of Cheers and putting him at the center of his own show, but also managed the difficult juggling act of introducing the supporting characters at the same time. The downside to that of course is our expectations are extremely high for Episode 2. So the question is...does Frasier manage to beat (what I like to call) the second episode syndrome?

Well the energy level is just as high, and the laughs are there alright. But Space Quest comes up a bit short in the plot department. Basically Frasier eases into this new routine, trying to read a book, facing interruptions from all of the new people in his life. Not a terribly ambitious plotline, and Roz and Niles are shockingly underused, but the entertainment value of The Good Son has certainly carried over to Space Quest.

The opening scene is extremely funny when a slightly dishevelled Frasier wakes up with only a groggy recollection of hiring Daphne the day before. Martin's fixing him a fatty breakfast, the newspaper's already read, and worst of all, Eddie stares at him while he's trying to read it. Frasier tells them all that he has a routine, and right now, they're getting in the way of that.

This continues into the next scene at KACL. The topic of today's show is intrusion. And Frasier's callers (as well as the staff) sadly miss the point. In the first of many interruptions, Frasier wants only to read a book in the soundproof booth. Only for Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe to storm in, host of the Gonzo Sport's Show. Yes, its time to meet the other members of the KACL family. And after Frasier and Roz, first up is Bulldog, played straight to the hilt by Dan Butler.

After Frasier, Bulldog is the first on-air personality we see. And he and Frasier are wonderfully diverse. Frasier is pompous, elitist, and literate. Bulldog is loud, brash and hell-for-leather. A lot of Bulldog's character traits are already in place. Like whenever he misplaces something he bawls out "This stinks! This is total BS! This is...Oh got it." He's also a chauvinistic womaniser, but it's only hinted at here. It became ingrained in his character as the show went on.

Its interesting watching his debut. How fresh and lively his antics are. Bulldog became less important to the show in later years, probably because Bulldog is more a collection of quirks and idiosyncrasies then an actual character. This was disguised slightly by the energy Dan Butler brought to the role, but Bulldog was phased out eventually because energy alone can only take you so far.

So Frasier's quest for solitude continues. After a sudden downpour forces him indoors, he's delighted to return to an empty apartment. Doesn't last long of course. I just love the bickering between Frasier and Martin. Another thing that would vanish as time went on, but its something I never tired of. Like this classic example:

(Frasier) What are you doing?
(Martin) I'm leaving you alone.
(Frasier) Well its very irritating.

Even Cafe Nervosa is no safe haven for Frasier. For who should stop by but Niles (Frasier: Oh what fresh hell is this?). This is the only scene he appears in, which is odd considering the show is only two episodes old. I suspect the writers wanted to flesh the relationship between Frasier and Martin. Niles, Roz and Daphne are very much secondary characters at this point (something Peri Gilpin would have to get used to). Its still a good scene. Niles thinks instead of shutting out Martin, Frasier should try to get to know him.

Which he does in the episode's funniest scene. They agree to a three minute conversation. As an added lifeline, they have an egg timer on standby. Sadly its a less then successful experiment. And Martin knows the reason why. To forge a truly successful father/son relationship takes years, not days. And certainly not three minutes! A bold statement. We didn't even know at this point if Frasier would be around for years. Most sitcoms are lucky to make it out of they're first season. The producers clearly had such confidence in Frasier, they can already see it has a long future ahead of it.

Its a lovely way to end the episode. And Frasier gets peace and quiet. In a storage space. The first location other then the show's three usual ones. Space Quest is a bit thin on plot and characters, but it makes up for that in laughs and character development. So, did Frasier beat the second episode syndrome? I'm delighted to say it did.

Rating: 90%


A very good follow-up, Jul 08, 2009

Reviewer: Sammy J from Canberra, Australia

"Space Quest" follows on nicely from the pilot by elaborating on
Frasier's new living situation with father Martin and physical care
worker/housekeeper Daphne. It also neatly explores his workplace,
KACL, and his relationship with Roz and Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe (a bit
overplayed and one-dimensional in his first few appearances).

Niles misses out a bit in this episode (my only real nit), but that will
be rectified soon enough. I used to think that the first season was a
bit too restrained, but looking back on it with a few more years I
think that it is very finely done, very deftly handling the emotional
side of things with the humour. (Without ever resorting to cheap
jokes to alleviate real emotion, as many lesser sitcoms (see
"Friends") do regularly).

Rating: 87%


Intrusion, Mar 17, 2009

Reviewer: Warren Lancaster from Toronto, ONT, CAN

"Space Quest" is a hilarious second episode and follow-up from "The Good Son". While not as fast-paced and immediatley funny as the previous episode, it does prove to be a worthy companion to "The Good Son". Also, Frasier's comments about intrusion, both first thing in the apartment, and later at the radio station, are just hilarious. These are great examples of Kelsey Grammer's ability to give incredibly long-winded speeches but still manage to turn it around and make it funny.

Rating: 91%


The Excellence Continues, Jan 02, 2008

Reviewer: Dean Mather from UNITED KINGDOM

Super follow on from The Good Son with Frasier trying to enjoy some solitude,and getting none. The morning breakfast scene is hilarious and the laughs continue throughout the episode. Also Bulldogs first appearence.

Rating: 93%


Space Quest, Sep 29, 2006

Reviewer: Amy from United Kingdom

The episode continuing the morning after "The Good Son" was found highly enjoyable by me. Kelsey Grammar really shines in this episode, and the storyline wasn't pushed away from our attention with any of the other characters if you know what I mean. It was also nice to see Frasier getting his solitude at the end of the episode too.

Rating: 86%


Truly hilarious, Sep 20, 2006

Reviewer: Robert Seale from Dallastown, PA USA

I tend to think of this episode as part 2 of the pilot, as it would have worked as one hour-long episode. You can almost pinpoint the moment where Frasier realizes what he's gotten himself into, thanks to Kelsey Grammer's almost cartoonish facial expressions that he puts to good use many times throughout the series.

The one-liners are top-grade here, and the scene where Frasier is reading in his living room with Martin a few feet away never fails to get a great laugh. Ever since then, whenever I come across someone I know while they are reading, I find it irresistable to greet them with a gesture toward their book and a simple "Thick." :P

All in all, it's not a highlight of the series, but it's a great installment nonetheless.

Rating: 90%


Brilliant, Aug 27, 2006

Reviewer: me123 from Scotland, UK

This episode was pretty much hilarious from start to finish, and certainly underrated.

The theme is Frasier getting used to life with Daphne, Martin and Eddie, and his search for a moment alone. From the morning routine speech to the row over solitude and, of course, the brilliant egg timer moment.

MARTIN:- Do you know what I think?

MARTIN:- I'll tell you later; my show's on

Overall, the episode is pretty funny, whilst continuing the introduction to the show (this time introducing the father-son tension and Bulldog).

Rating: 90%


Brave writing, Jan 25, 2006

Reviewer: Nick from North Wales, U.K.

It must have taken some courage to decide to broadcast such a downbeat show so early in the run as Frasier is at odds with almost all of the other characters and particularly his father. With the benefit of hindsight the depiction of their difficult relationship makes this an important, though not always hilarious episode.

Rating: 80%


'Space Quest' review by Paul B, Dec 03, 2005

Reviewer: Paul B from Britain

Somewhat underwhelming compared to the non-stop laughs from the pilot episode. However, it is by no means bad - there are still plenty of moments to laugh at, plus by this point most of the characters have already been established. Personally after watching this episode I felt like I had known the characters for a long time and could laugh more easily. The only thing left out at this point was Niles' infatuation with Daphne, which wouldn't come into play until "Dinner at Eight". Overall if I were to try and make someone fall in love with 'Frasier', I'd pick the pilot over this, despite the fact that it is a highly entertaining watch.

Rating: 86%



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