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Episode reviews for Episode 7.23 - Something Borrowed, Someone Blue

Avg. Viewer Review: 97.2%
Number of Reviews: 23

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Our dates were sick and we went stag, May 19, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

A remarkably good episode that manages to close off (or at least, continue) the series' longest-running plotline while also providing lots of neat character moments. It's not the funniest script known to man, but it sure hits its fair share of home runs.

The first part of "Something Borrowed" is mostly set-up, but it feels earned after an entire season of exploring the outcome of Daphne's decision to marry Donny. What I really appreciate are the supporting cast, to be honest. Jane Adams and Saul Rubinek have created lovely characters in Mel and Donny that - even if we know the end must come - their relationships with our main cast feel solid. Niles and Daphne both face genuine conflicts in deciding to end their relationships, particularly after the shocking news that Niles and Mel eloped. (The way a post-coital Niles falls back into the hallway is adorable.) The key scene is, of course, in the second part where Niles talks with first Frasier and then Daphne about his feelings. Every dramatic scene in this episode is astounding. What a tough notion this is for Niles: he's finally found someone he can be in love with. Sure, she's more like Maris than he'd like to admit, but she shares his interests without challenging him. Daphne was there for so long but she's lost to him now. And then to have her - so close - but also aware that she's made commitments to a man she could share a life with. Is it worth throwing all of that away for some chance like this? For someone who took seven years to confess his feelings to her? It becomes increasingly clear how brilliant it was to have Daphne learn of Niles' feelings several months ago, to give her time to explore the possibilities.

I particularly like the opening scene and the atmosphere after Morrie's funeral. The costumes, the interactions - it's exactly the feeling one does get after a sombre group outing. The idea of living life to the full looms over the episode, leading to the sweet toast between the men in the Winnebago. Even knowing that Daphne was going to come leaping into the passenger seat, it's a testament to this series that I really believed it could continue even with Daphne married and Niles resolving to move on.

Other miscellaneous thoughts:
* Anthony LaPaglia continues to be great fun as Simon. I reiterate my comments that I'm glad he rarely returns after the eighth season premiere, because he's a character of diminishing returns, but he provides a great contrast to really all of our main characters.
* The return of Brooks Almy in the cameo role of Mrs. Richman makes for a very fun runner.
* I love when they have Jane Leeves say words like "Orangina" in her Manchester accent over and over. It's never played up to the audience (sometimes I don't actually think they get the joke) but it's fun for me. Incidentally, the joke about Daphne's party-size cookie bag is hilarious but unintentional foreshadowing. Leeves wouldn't even have been pregnant when they filmed this, but it's still worth noting.
* And finally, we have the introduction of Millicent Martin as Gertrude Moon. Martin is a star performer and it's interesting that Gertrude has such a small role here, particularly given that the series has had a running joke of Daphne portraying Frasier (with his consent) as a tyrant. Perhaps Gertrude was supposed to recur in season 8 but Leeves' pregnancy changed the plan? Obviously she'll be back eventually, and we'll have to deal with the pros and cons of that, but for this episode, she creates a believable mother figure - and that's no small feat given how much we've heard about her! Perhaps smartly, the writers choose to leave Mr. Moon offscreen, so that they can introduce him at a later date.

All in all, "Something Borrowed" has a decent amount of laughs, but it's primarily focused on the emotional resonance of the series. Regardless of anything that happens in the future, I couldn't be happier with the mature way this all plays out.

Rating: 95%


The whole package of wit, drama, romance and tears, Nov 21, 2012

Reviewer: Tan from London

With most of the focus being on Jane and David they certainly excel in this episode and bring their audience to the edge of their seats. David's humour in the balcony scene to cover up his anguish is so wonderfully acted and Jane looks lovely in the whole episode and shows just how brilliant her dramatic acting is as well as her comic.

The first time I saw this episode I knew it was one of the stand out episodes; not only for the obvious reason that Niles and Daphne finally got together but also because it had the ability to make me laugh and cry. How many comedies can do that?!!!!! I laughed hard at all the interuptions in the hotel and cried when seeing Niles heartbroken and had the biggest smile on my face when Daphne enters the winnabago and asks Niles on a date and they hug. This is one of those episodes that show why Frasier can be watched by everyone, its witty, dramatic, beautifully written and has the cutest couple on TV.

A 5 star episode * * * * *

Rating: 100%


The One I'd Been Waiting For!, Nov 14, 2010

Reviewer: Matt from Haverhill, UK

Having purchased the boxset last Christmas I finally arrived at this episode the other day, needless to say I wasn't disappointed! Everything seems so perfect, the storyline, the acting, the emotion, the happiness - it really is worth waiting 7 seasons for.

The way Kelsey Grammer reacted when he realised Daphne knew the secret, and then the way he reacted when he realised he himself had leaked the aforementioned secret - just classic acting, he really lives Frasier. Same with David Hyde Pierce as Niles, his face when he realised Daphne felt the same way spoke more words than he ever could verbally.

In a way I'll miss his shy attempts at being close to Daphne, but the show really is an emotional milestone for that very fact - the coming together of televisions most right couple!

Rating: 100%



Reviewer: Gail from Brighton, UK

I could watch this episode a hundred times and not get bored with it. It's so moving and David Hyde Pierce deserves to go down in acting history for his performance. Of course, Jane Leeves and the rest of the cast are excellent too. To my mind, the Niles and Daphne romance is a modern classic - a story of intense longing that at the 11th hour is fulfilled at last. Ahhhh, love it!

Rating: 100%


At last, Sep 18, 2009

Reviewer: D. Wigg from United Kingdom

Brillant episode. I'm a 37 year old man, but I always cry a little at possibly the most romantic line ever, that Niles says when he and Daphne are on the balcony. "I must be in love, it doesn't bother me that you come with them".

Rating: 100%


my favorite episode, Jul 22, 2009

Reviewer: Sarah from Scotland

This is my all time favorite Frasier episode ever! I watched seasons 1-4 and then couldn't wait any longer for Niles and Daphne to get together so I skipped to season 7! David Hyde Pierce is brilliant as always :-)

Rating: 100%


Finally!....<333, Jul 01, 2009

Reviewer: Drea from Los Angeles,California

This episode makes me smile,cry, and laugh! its awesome!this episode is the best.......

Rating: 100%


Frasier in a supporting role, May 08, 2009

Reviewer: Tim from Manchester UK

The main point i would lke to make is how good Kelsey Grammer has been in the build up to this episode, taking a back seat and providing a supporting role to David and Jane on center stage. Particularly the bits as Frasier notices and then realises Daphnne's feelings for Niles, his quizical looks as Daph slowly reveals to us and Frasier how she feels.

Rating: 95%


Great!, Feb 01, 2009

Reviewer: Danielle from UK

This episode is summed up perfectly by the look on Niles' face when Frasier tells him Daphne feels the same way about him, the the confusion, horror, and hope. Then the change in his behaviour towards her when he finally realises she feels the same way.
It reminded me of what Mel said to Daphne in 'To Thine Old Self Be True' about the person he could be if he felt safe and could trust someone enough to help him be himself.

Rating: 100%


My favourite, Sep 09, 2008

Reviewer: SLG from Australia

Although it was hard to decide which episode was my favourite, in the end I settled with this one. Something Borrowed, Someone Blue had it all - laughs, emotion and plot. The most memorable part of it though was at the end when Daphne and Niles finally became a couple (even if it came at a price). It was a very nice ending to the whole Niles and Daphne saga without it being too predictable.

Rating: 100%



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