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Episode reviews for Episode 1.13 - Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast

Avg. Viewer Review: 81.2%
Number of Reviews: 5

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Welcome Noel!, Nov 18, 2009

Reviewer: Roz's pal. from New York

I love this episode for several reasons.

Naturally, Frasier's breakfast scene. It is hilarious.

Also, I love seeing Martin as a leading man -- it brings out the best in him when he has a lady.
Elaine is delightful in her quiet femininity.

Niles falling in the kitchen -- on e of his most memorable moments on the show. Skillfully done
by David Hyde Pierce!

The outrageous (yet not uncommon in real life) curiosity of the neighbors who show up to see
'how the story ends' is a great little comment on entertainment, fame, and America.

Noel's entrance is appropriate. I love him. :-)

Rating: 95%


A great episode, Jul 09, 2009

Reviewer: Sammy J from Canberra, Australia

This episode, like most others in season one, continues to set in
place some of the themes and styles of the series as a whole.
After learning unexpectedly that his father had a lady over for the
night, Frasier continues to aggravate the situation: first in a
dizzying array of unintended double entendres at breakfast, then
by accidentally outing the relationship on the air and putting his
father and Elaine in the media spotlight.

I don't agree with the reviewers who think it is out of character
for Frasier to talk on the air about the relationship. I must admit I
doubt he would say Elaine's name, but I think his willingness to
be the "good guy" or the saviour would overcome any self-
awareness in this situation. This episode begins the long tradition
of unfortunate/hilarious double entendres the show would
engage, and again it's good to see Martin treated as a sexually
and romantically active male. Good times.

Rating: 90%


Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast, Apr 18, 2009

Reviewer: Warren Lancaster from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This, for me, is the first truly bad episode of Frasier's premiere season. Frasier talking about Martin's sex life on the air is truly cringe-worthy. Simply the fact that Frasier would say something like that on the air seems quite out of character. If you want to start watching Frasier, please don't choose this episode as your first.

Rating: 53%


Review of 'Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast', Feb 06, 2006

Reviewer: Nick from North Wales, U.K.

A thoroughly enjoyable episode in which Frasier's embarrassed double entendres with Martin's new girlfriend are an early delight. Roz's shortlived romance with Noel also provides some humour and all in all this is a mid-season highpoint.

Rating: 86%


'Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast?' review, May 19, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

A cracking little episode in which Martin spends the night with his date, much to the alarm of his son. The breakfast scene where Frasier constantly puts his foot in it with a litany of double entendres is hilarious as is the sequence where Niles bangs his head on the cooker, a great demonstration of David Hyde Pierce's skill for physical comedy. I liked Frasier's attempt to reconcile Martin and Elaine on his radio programme (accompanied by the music of 'Moon River') and the closing scene in the lift, where Martin makes Frasier face the wall like a little child is also very funny. All this and an amusing debut appearance from Noel Shempsky make this episode good fun all round.

Rating: 82%