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Episode reviews for Episode 5.06 - Voyage Of The Damned

Avg. Viewer Review: 93.1%
Number of Reviews: 15

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Buffet etiquette, May 11, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

Like any sitcom, "Frasier" has its set formulas, but one of the elements that makes it such a classic show is its flexibility. Like" Mary Tyler Moore" or "Dick Van Dyke", the world of Frasier Crane exists as a workplace sitcom, a family sitcom, a bachelor sitcom, and a classic farce. So, thinking about this episode surprised me: it's not even really driven by conflict. Sure, Niles briefly feels that Frasier has ruined his relationship with Maris, but realistically "Voyage of the Damned" is a collection of funny scenes linked by plot and character connections, where all of our main characters are of the same mindset. Unlike so many tired sitcoms that feel the need to craft all their scripts from a Creative Writing 101 Textbook, "Frasier" is happy to break the rules on occasion and do an episode with its own unique structure.

The first third of the episode invokes some good old-fashioned character interactions, with a quirky Daphne story, and a character-based argument and debate about waxed floors and hot toddies. Frasier's apartment genuinely feels cosy on a stormy night - just one of the delights of this show.

Once on board the ship, Frasier's discomfort grows hilariously with every scene, from his "famous" co-hosts Giggles O'Shea and Carlos "The Barricuda" Delgado, to realising Roz has a better compartment, and that he may have caused Maris and Niles to separate for good. Kelsey Grammer has a lot of fun, but its his three co-stars who really get to shine. David Hyde Pierce continues to get the lion's share of attention in these last few episodes of the Niles/Maris arc, and - particularly now that I've seen John Mahoney in a few non-comic roles - I'm particularly impressed with Martin's excitement over buffet etiquette. (Tip One: Don't have lunch before you board the ship!)

Peri Gilpin is the MVP this week, from mocking the Barricuda to flinching in terror in Maris' shower. This is a prime example of how well the cast work together in a show at its peak.

"Voyage of the Damned" is not a perfect episode to my mind. In spite of my praise for the unusual structure, it does mean we're treated to an episode that feels a bit adrift (pardon the pun) and the ending - with the reveal that Niles and Maris have reconciled - is a bit abrupt. It's important enough to merit being the final piece of information, but it doesn't really cap off the humorous tension that has been building. Still, given that this will play out over the next few episodes, I'm not cut up about it. It's just great to see the characters having fun together, and ENJOYING having fun!

Rating: 91%


Peri Shines, Nov 27, 2011

Reviewer: Kaz from England

I love this episode and I think Peri Gilpin shines in it. I love her reaction as the Barracuda does his trademark teeth snapping when they meet. I love the bit where Roz laughs at Frasier's speech (written with help from Giggles O'Shea) just as Niles announces that it's the most depressing night of his life . And her face as she asks Niles if Maris is really going to 'Do The Barracuda' is brilliant. All the cast are great in this episode and I never tire of watching it .

Rating: 100%


My especial lady, Sep 15, 2011

Reviewer: Kim Sessions from Mesa, Arizona USA

The episode is one of my favorites. When Roz and Frazier both together find the rose in Maris' room and say, "Maris is the barricuda's especial lady" makes me laugh over and over again! I give this episode a 10 on a scale of 1 - 10. !!! Great.

Rating: 100%


Voyage of the damned., May 24, 2011

Reviewer: Ned H from Dublin, Ireland.

This episode is in my top three Frasiers ever. The cast seem to gel really well and it was hilarious from start to finish.
Like "The dinner party", one of the strengths of this episode was the limited use of the Daphne character; pity she wasn't omitted from more episodes.

Rating: 100%


Top Three., May 09, 2011

Reviewer: Ned hanlon from Dublin, Ireland.

This episode is in my top three favourites.
I always get the sense when watching it that the cast were really up for a good time on set from start to finish.
This episode along with "The dinner party " are two of my favourites and it's no coincidence that the dreadfully unfunny Daphne character had little input into both.

Rating: 100%


Some wonderful moments, Feb 20, 2011

Reviewer: Dick GM from Gwent Wales

I've just watched the part where Carlos The Barracuda introduces himself to Frasier and is then introduced to Roz, for about the tenth time and find it hilarious. Great acting from Miguel, with some fine touches, and from Peri (watch her reactions).

Rating: 90%


Voyage of the Damned, May 10, 2010

Reviewer: Norm, Jr. from Somewhere, CA

A snappy pace -- and even a bit of comic drama -- make this an instantly rewatchble segment of season 5. Really an episode of two halves: the first addressing Frasier's reluctance, and then utter disgust, about his participation on a "celebrity" cruise. Following some good bits about his accomodations and fellow D-grade talent, Maris shows up (off-screen, of course) to rankle Niles as he's pursued by a lushy acquaintance. This leads to the second half calamities of Frasier pre-occupied with Niles' dilemma and the cast finding themselves trapped in Maris' stateroom. There's an array of pleasant nods to disco, all-you-can-eat buffets, and greasy Latin lotharios. And Grammer's reading of "A horny society boozer and the Mrs. O'Leary's cow of our current predicament!" will always be one of my favorites (Martin's comeback of "Who's Mrs. O' Leary?" is a keeper, too). A glaring omission is that this one of the very few Daphne-less eps, as Roz gets a turn at being in on one of the gang's quagmires. That aside, a real fun atmosphere permeates this one.

Rating: 93%


Do-Do-Da-Barracudaaaaa, Jun 25, 2008

Reviewer: Rozzas from Newcastle, UK

The previous reviewers have covered all the great bits but there's one little snippet that tickles me every time.

It's when the Barracuda - a Latin Love Loaf - corners Roz, kisses her hand and asks her to be his "Es-special lie-dee" and then knashes his teeth right in her face. Perri Gilpin's recoil and anguished squeel was brilliantly done. Pure quality that girl - "On so many differnt levels".

Rating: 93%


A Great Episode!, Mar 31, 2008

Reviewer: Rich from Exeter, England

Although not an all-time classic, Voyage of the Damned is one of the most consistently funny and watchable episodes from this season. There are many funny one-liners and as others have said, the part when Niles, Frasier, Roz and Martin and trapped in Maris's bathroom is brilliant. My favourite moment is when Niles peeps through the door and says:

Niles: 'Damn, she's started without me...'
Martin, Frasier and Roz: 'Ewwwwww!'
Niles: 'I meant the champagne'
Martin, Frasier and Roz: 'Ohhhhhhh...'

A great episode. It makes me laugh just thinking about, and the Barricuda guy is absolutely repellent! Hilarious.

Rating: 90%


A top-drawer episode, Jun 30, 2007

Reviewer: Bill Rutter from West Sussex, England

Another very clever episode with Martin getting plenty of laughs. The main cast gel so well in this one. The scene in Maris' cabin was a scream. Did she really have a balcony?

Rating: 92%



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