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'Frasier' Merchandise: Books

This page details the various 'Frasier' related books that have been published in the UK.


Very Best of Frasier book

The Very Best Of Frasier

Episodes whose scripts appear in the book

Season 1
- My Coffee With Niles

Season 2
- The Candidate
- Seat Of Power
- Breaking The Ice
- The Innkeepers

Season 4
- Death And The Dog
- To Kill A Talking Bird

Season 5
- Frasier's Imaginary Friend

Season 6
- Merry Christmas, Mrs Moskowitz
- Dinner Party
- Dr Nora

Season 7
- Out With Dad
- Something Borrowed, Someone Blue

Season 8
- And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon
- Sliding Frasier's

Publisher: Channel 4 Books.
ISBN: 0-7522-6179-7 (Hardcover)
Price: 16.99


The Best of Frasier book

The Best Of Frasier

Episodes whose scripts appear in the book

Season 1
- The Good Son
- Call Me Irresponsible
- A Midwinter Night's Dream

Season 2
- Slow Tango In South Seattle
- The Matchmaker
- A Room With A View
- An Affair To Forget

Season 3
- Moon Dance

Season 4
- The Two Mrs Cranes
- Mixed Doubles
- Ham Radio

Season 5
- Perspectives On Christmas
- Room Service
- The Ski Lodge

Season 6
- Three Valentines

Publisher: Channel 4 Books.
ISBN: 0 - 7522 - 1394 - 6.
Price: 9.99

'Frasier' by Jefferson Graham

This is the Official Companion to the show and includes a detailed history of the show, information on all the major characters, an episode guide to the first 3 seasons and the script to the pilot episode - The Good Son.

The book is a good introduction to the show and contains plenty of information for fans of the show. It was however published in 1996 and is hence a little out of date.

Publisher: Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster.
ISBN: 0-6710-0368-2
Price: 9.99

'Goodnight Seattle' by David Bailey and Warren Martyn

This book takes the approach of dissecting every episode and includes a synopsis, a review and sections on various characters have said and done during the episode.

This book does a good job of recreating the funniest parts of the episode, while the reviews give it more bite than Jefferson Graham's book. The only really annoying thing is that it covers almost all of the episodes in the first 5 seasons. It reviews all the episodes in seasons 1-4 and 17 of the 24 episodes in season 5 and then stops - why?

Publisher: Virgin Books.
ISBN: 0-7535-0286-0
Price: 5.99

Cafe Nervosa: The Connoisseur's Cookbook

The book contains nearly 100 recipes as well as morsels of the humour from the series.

Publisher: Boxtree
ISBN: 0-7522-2416-6