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figures of speech from frasier

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figures of speech from frasier

Postby ck_psy » Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:57 pm

so i'm not 100% sure of what these are,
but they're either metaphors, analogies, similes, or personifications.

i'll start:

Frasier: (to niles)"I tell you, he (martin) gets in here and wants to hear his radio station, and he starts pushing buttons like a lab rat on amphetamines!."
- enemy at the gate

Niles: (to frasier) "Please, prepare to be stomped like a late harvest Gevertstremener!"
- whine club

Niles: Yes, and just the mention of a double-bowl stainless steel sink with integral drain boards makes me hum like a sub-zero freezer!
- four for the seesaw
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