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Frasier Winslow Crane Case File

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Frasier Winslow Crane Case File

Postby Texaveryfan » Sat Dec 08, 2007 12:50 am

Most of his humour derives from wreaking havoc on the Seattle community. Typical misadventures include exploiting people's trust to get money out of them and deliberately giving out poor advice on his radio show. Nevertheless, Crane's rebellious antics have made him popular with youngsters.

Frasier Crane can be traced back to the lovable '80s sitcom Cheers in which
Crane was a regular at the Boston bar. Here, he would engage in banter with the rest of the barflies and even give free pschyciatric advice to those who requested it. However, as the series progressed Crane became more and more frustrated with his pedestrian role in society and became lured into the mysterious arts of pretentiousness, a "dark side" if you will. By the Eleventh and final season Crane was almost beyond salvation, opting for a Martini or a Creme de Menthe over the usual beer, wearing a monacle at every opportunity and meeting Cliff's dubious trivia with a curt "Hmph!" before continuing to read the Wall Street Journal. In the series finale, Sam Malone attempts to change Frasier back into who he used to be. A fire breaks out in the Cheers bar, trapping the two inside. Crane refuses to call the fire brigade, stating that "to stay in the bar and imolate would be the gentlemanly thing to do".. Sam is unable to turn Frasier and narrowly escapes, shouting "You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would destroy the higher classes, not join them!". Frasier is eventually rescued, badly burned, and is put in the hands of Niles, who fixes him up with a face mask complete with breathing apparatus, which gives him his trademark smooth, baritone voice, perfect for radio. Crane becomes Darth Frasier.

Frasier's exploits

- After hearing about an Indian immigrant's negative opinion about his radio show, Frasier plots his revenge. He manages to trace the man's location down to a news-stand, where the gentleman worked for a living. After threatening the owner, Frasier scares him off and razes the news-stand to the ground. He is last seen dancing round the fire singing 'Burn Baby Burn' before giving his trademark maniacal laugh.

-Crane hatches a mischievous plan to take money off some homeless people. On Christmas Day he goes to a homeless shelter, eats a meal there and pretends that he can't afford to pay. In an act of kindness, the tramps gather what little money they have to pay for the meal, including an entire day's donations for playing the guitar on a street corner. Frasier then takes out his wallet, burns a 50 dollar bill in front of all in the shelter and drives off in his expensive car, while laughing like a maniac.

-Another shocking exploit sees Frasier and Niles joining a car-repair course in order to psychologically torment the teacher. After writing a litany of insults in French concerning the teacher's terminally ill sister, the pair are kicked off the course. Since then, Frasier and Niles have been sighted accosting the teacher in Cafe Nervosa before assaulting him and forcing him to perform oral sex on the pair. Niles and Frasier laugh maniacally throughout the abuse

- One exploit finds Frasier and Martin at odds over whether or not to buy digital cable. Frasier hatches a plot to get his father to agree with him. Frasier proceeds to seduce Martin's new girlfriend, whilst his father remains ignorant at a low-quality play, the tickets to which Frasier stole from a poor man who spent his life's savings to buy, in order to make a gift for his family. Frasier then has sex with his father's girlfriend, and super-imposes his brother's face over his own, then mails the tape to his father. His father proceeds to disown Niles, and Frasier takes all his worldly possessions, blaming it on the foreign men that drove the moving truck. He then sits down on his couch, his father screaming hysterically at his girlfriend from the other room. We see a fade out shot of his father brutally beating his girlfriend, and his maid when she enters the room, and we hear Fraiser laughing maniacally.

Frasier Crane, while watching a documenatry of porverty in third world countries

Frasier's trademark maniacal laugh ... rasier.mp3
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