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Stay focussed !!!

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Stay focussed !!!

Postby Colin Bold » Thu Jun 28, 2007 4:36 pm

Hi guys !!

I was just reading a nice thread about personal favourite quotes. One member proposed to talk about quotes from Frasier we often use in our daily lives.

Some people got it correctly, and would use the way Niles says 'Okay!' to his dog in season 3 or 4, as an example. Others did not understand and just started yapping about funny lines, instead of quotations.
The nice thing about quotations is that it can give the user a lot of unnoticed pleasure and fulfilment; the very use of some words/lines in daily situations give brief enlightenment and won't be noticed by non-intimi. That was what the author of the thread asked for.

Stay focussed, and initiate a different thread if you have a different topic you wish to discuss. Remember 'Space quest': Frasier also gets annoyed by people who seem to forget relevant topics.

In order to give the thread I described a fresh re-start:

Useful and fun quotes are these:

- 'Fat chance' from S2's 'The Club' after Frasier ends his date's call by promising to ring back after she cancelled.
- 'Did anyone see you ?' as Niles' worried reaction after he heared Frasier was in a mall in S1's 'Fortysomething'.
- S2's 'Breaking the ice': Frasier says:'Well imagine my embarassment !' after failing to aptly name the so called 'auger'.
- S5's 'The life of the party'. After Frasier gets rejected when asking the short-haired woman out for dinner, his initial reaction as he blurts out: 'Yes, well !!' to go through his process of disappointment.

Later all !


Colin Bold
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