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The Frasier Crane Drinking Game

PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:38 pm
by Clint Webber
A few years ago myself and a good friend decided to make a Frasier drinking game to immortalise the great TV series for ever more. I made a facebook page and will link it if anyone is interested in joining ( ... 243&v=info)

A group dedicated to the rules and regulations of 'The Frasier Crane Drinking Game' or 'Drink Along with Frasier' which are, as follows:

The tipple in question is sherry, can be any form - no matter how cheap or expensive. If sherry can not be acquired, red wine, port or any form of aperitif is possibly acceptable though be it on your conscience. Lagers of any form or vodka are for philistines and will not be tolerated. It is recommended to drink from a sherry glass (120 millilitres - 4.2 imp fl oz; 4.1 US fl oz) though if you are without one, forfeits will be measured in swigs.

One swig for the following:
- Whenever witty rapport is aimed at another in regards to attire
- Martin makes a sarcastic comment
- Daphne makes a double entendre
- A snide remark about Roz's sex life
- Any reference to Cheers/Boston
- Whenever Frasier buys a new garment
- Whenever Martin dresses Eddie in clothing
- At the start of each title scene

Two swigs:
- "I'm listening"/"Goodnight, Seattle. And good mental health"
- Any mention of Maris or Lilith (three swigs if the mention is about their cold emotions)
- "Grammy Moon" or a mention of Manchester
- Whenever an onscreen character has a drink (three swigs if it is sherry)
-Whenever Daphne claims to have a psychic vision

It should also be noted that:
- One must always be drinking whenever Bulldog or Gil Chesterton are on screen.
- Every participant must sing along and then drain their glasses at the end of every episode. Failure to do so will result in a the draining of a fresh glass.

Happy drinking! Goodnight, and good mental health.

Feel free to make suggestions and I will add the cream of the crop.

Re: The Frasier Crane Drinking Game

PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:13 pm
by Forever Jung
:twisted: I love the idea, but my liver hates it.

My liver will learn to deal with it :mrgreen:

Re: The Frasier Crane Drinking Game

PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:12 pm
by !Amz!
Have only just found this thread, genius idea for a game :D

Re: The Frasier Crane Drinking Game

PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:07 am
by JackE
Brilliant game! Well, may as well stick Frasier on then.