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Fan Dividers - "Freudian Sleep"

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What do you think of Freudian Sleep?

Love it!
Hate it!
Total votes : 26

Postby chrisj » Thu Sep 06, 2007 4:44 pm

I wish this poll had an option that said "'s okay" because that's what I would have chosen. I know they were doing pretty much whatever they wanted in the show since it was going off the air anyway, but some of the stuff was idiotic. Martin's part with the song and dance was unnecessary, but I do understand they were showing the audience that no, John Mahoney is not lame, and yes, he had been merely "acting" on that cane for all those years.

I liked the fat Daphne...never liked her anyway, so it was a gem to see her look even more ridiculous in the show.

Favorite line from that episode: Frasier saying, "How fat of you to notice..."
"You get the one, you get that other one! Oh, you are SO that other one!"
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