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frasier star trek

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frasier star trek

Postby scrambled eggs » Fri Mar 09, 2007 1:28 am

Anybody seen Frasier Star Trek on youtube? Not a trekkie, but it's very funny-worth watching
scrambled eggs
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Postby Davey Boy » Fri Mar 09, 2007 2:17 am

Yeah I've seen it. I think someone posted a link to it at somepoint... I am a bit of a Trek fan so found it very funny :wink:
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Davey Boy
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Postby me123 » Fri Mar 09, 2007 9:30 pm

It's on YouTube several times I believe, quite good.
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Postby wolfdreamer3 » Wed Aug 22, 2007 5:20 pm

lol i think that it is so funny! though is Frasier really the Dude that brings Eddie back to Martin? :?:
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Postby White Rabbit » Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:30 pm

No, he's not the Klingon. Kelsey and Dan were the two who weren't present.
White Rabbit
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