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Frasier Forum Awards: Nominations - Best Eddie Moment

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Frasier Forum Awards: Nominations - Best Eddie Moment

Postby Cake for Brains » Mon Sep 11, 2006 8:22 pm

Before we throw ourselves headlong into another round of nominations, I'd like to remind people/make people aware that some recent 'Forum Awards' threads are lacking enough votes to construct a fair and interesting final list of nominations. I urge all forum members to go and vote on the polls they've missed out on - particularly the 'Best Lilith Episode' and 'Most Emotional Moment' threads. I'd be interested to know if people think these threads are getting too drawn out, because I'm perfectly happy to move ahead into the final stages of voting immediately if that is the general feeling. I urge people to keep on voting - and a big thank you to everyone who has supported this threads.

Please read my other thread 'Frasier Forum Awards - The Rules' in order to know all about the voting process.

Well, it’s been two days since I started the last ‘Forum Awards’ thread, so I think we’re due another one. I know the polls we've done so far have been very difficult and again I’m convinced that this one is going to be a very difficult one to compile, because we have an absolute wealth of material to choose from. This time I am asking you to list your Top Eddie Moments. However, in order to get a diverse representation of people’s opinions, I am asking you to nominate 5 moments.

I am going to ask everyone to nominate their Top 5 Eddie moments in 'Frasier', and the moments with the most nominations will make the eventual shortlist and contend for the ultimate award. The 5 most popular Eddie moments, with the most votes will make the shortlist for the award, and when the final shortlist is published, you will have another chance to vote in this category. This is a particularly special poll, because its dedicated to the late lamented Moose, who played Eddie so wonderfully throughout the run of the show. You could also rely on Martin's dog to deliver some superb laugh-out-loud moments, so let's hope we can do Eddie justice with this thread.

1) The Staring Competiton, Eddie vs Frasier (Mixed Doubles)
2) Eddie witnessing Niles' disastrous Valentines Day (Three Valentines)
3) One depressed dog (Death and the Dog)
4) Edde's tourist promo (High Holidays)
5) Eddie in the Christmas Picture (Call Me Irresponsible)

In fact, feel free to add more nominations for this poll if you want, because it would be nice to have a large amount of material to choose from when compiling the final list of nominations. I may add to my list over the coming days, because I feel that more than 5 nominations will further help provide a diverse representation of people's opinions.

Happy voting!
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Postby !Amz! » Tue Sep 12, 2006 11:49 am

I'm actually in ICT at school right now, so I'll make this quick!

High Holidays - Eddie's tourist promo
Frasier Lite - Eddie and Barney's 'friendship' ;)
Three Valentines - Eddie witnessing Niles' disasterous Valentines Day preperations
She's the Boss - Eddie wearing his 'megaphone!'
Call Me Irresponsible - Eddie with his reindeer ears for the Christmas photo
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Postby welshben23 » Wed Sep 13, 2006 3:29 pm

1) Eddie's tourist promo (High Holidays)
2) Eddie in the Christmas Picture (Call Me Irresponsible)
3) Eddie witnessing Niles' disastrous Valentines Day (Three Valentines)
4) The Staring Competiton, Eddie vs Frasier (Mixed Doubles)
5) One depressed dog (Death and the Dog)
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Postby Amber » Wed Sep 13, 2006 9:33 pm

1) When Eddie's jumping up and down infront of Frasiers newspaper, classic! (The Gift Horse)
2) Eddie's microphone )She's the Boss )
3) Joe is caught just as he's leaving the apartment and Eddie enters with his underwear! "Thank you Eddie!" XD (Come Lie With Me)
4) Eddie burying himself under the cusion when Frasiers "hour is up" xD (Back Talk)
5) Eddie's Rudolf costume (Frasier Grinch)
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