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Links to copyrighted material downloads no longer allowed

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Links to copyrighted material downloads no longer allowed

Postby Stu » Sat Jan 07, 2006 11:56 am

Owing to recent concerns about links to copyrighted material being posted in the forum, and following some discussion with the moderators, I have decided to remove any links from posts that point directly to copyrighted material.

Now I appreciate that I probably started things off by posting the Frasier Story and My Favourite Frasier videos, so I will be removing the links to these files at the end of the week. You could argue that perhaps I was only making available stuff that isn't available commercially but in the end, copyright is copyright and I have to try and protect myself and the site as a whole from any possible future problems.

I should perhaps also make clear that I don't have any particular issue with discussions centering around BitTorrent/download sites AS LONG AS no direct links are made to any particular files etc as I felt that this is part and parcel of the Internet today.

Hopefully you will understand why I have had to take this action.


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