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Issue Six of FTW Mag Now Up! (Ft. Jill Sobule interview)

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Issue Six of FTW Mag Now Up! (Ft. Jill Sobule interview)

Postby barnaclelapse » Wed Mar 05, 2008 5:54 am

Welcome to issue six of Feel The Word.

Thanks for stopping in and checking things out.

It’s weird to think we’re already a half-year in on this thing.

Didn’t see it coming, did you?

The question though is: How do you celebrate a six-month anniversary?

With a huge freaking interview and some badass writing.

We are extremely honored to bring you an interview with singer-songwriter Jill Sobule this month. For those of you who only remember Jill from the songs "I Kissed A Girl" and "Supermodel", that’s a shame. Because it just happens to be that Jill is one of the most talented writers and musicians working today, releasing albums of relentlessly striking lyrical power and storytelling rarely seen since the days of Warren Zevon. In an interview with Editor-in-Chief Gabriel Ricard, Jill talks about her success in the mid-90’s, the female singer-songwriter revolution and where it is today, touring with Mr. Zevon himself, and her efforts to raise enough money to release her next album independently (and some of the cool stuff you can get in on by contributing). This is one hell of a must-read interview, and we’re pleased to be able send it your way.

But that’s hardly the end of it. We’ve also got amazing short stories from Susan B. Townsend and Vanilla Simone. And then there’s some truly impressive poetry from Dan Schneider (who also contributes another of his brilliant film), Jenifer Stroud, J. Lee, Bruce W. Neidt, Alice Folkart, and Michael Lebfebvre. And as always, there’s some pretty awesome music reviews to check out. This month, we bring you reviews by Michael Tenzer, Melissa Smith, Ben Dugas, LordsofPain columnist DaveyBoy, and Constantine Koutsoutis. And as though that wasn’t enough, we’ve got the usual kickass movie reviews lined up from such writers as Melissa Smith, Michael Tenzer, and Christopher Mulrooney. Joining that particular area of the fray is another Adventures in Netflix column and a fascinating article from Norbert Brown on new Oscar winners the Coen Brothers.

Sounds pretty good, eh?

So, get comfortable, order a couple of drinks, set your television on fire and see who notices first, and check out what promises to be a hell of a six-months-and-still-here party.

And what the hell, while you’re at it, check out our new wiki page and mailing list.

Again, thanks for looking us up. And as always, we’re looking for submissions in all areas, so be sure to look up our guidelines while you’re here.

You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Lord knows we are.
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