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Last Film You Watched

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Re: Last Film You Watched

Postby Wezzo » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:28 pm

Moon-Crane wrote:
Wezzo wrote:I'm jealous of your MK Cineworld. We go to Yeovil or Bristol, which have 10/12 screens, but which never get the more borderline titles (All is Lost, say). And it's difficult to justify watching stuff elsewhere given the increased cost, travelling, and the fact I already make us watch any old shite Yeovil gets :lol:

Yeah i guess it's ok. There is definitely a benefit to having a whole bunch of screens. Sometimes doesn't feel like it in the summer months when there's a couple of 'blockbusters' out and the place devotes at least half of their screens to 2D/3D versions of one or two films on a half-hourly rotation. But hey, that's the market.

There's a seven-screen Odeon in my town that had The Hobbit on five screens in the evening this past December. I know the numbers back it up but it makes so little sense to me that that would be good business sense.
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Re: Last Film You Watched

Postby Moon-Crane » Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:24 pm

Wezzo wrote:
Moon-Crane wrote:
Wezzo wrote:Agreed, brilliant film, brilliant lead performance, and my favourite of all the Best Picture noms - which is saying quite something, as I've really enjoyed them all (although I haven't yet seen Her). Credit to Jared Leto too, he gave his role real depth.

Yep the pair were fantastic. Leto will have a chance for supporting actor. They definitely elevated the film above your standard fare. Those guys and the director squeezed the maximum out of a relatively low budget affair.

Not sure whether it can take the best picture gong (i've got a horrible feeling it'll go to American Hustle), and i haven't seen all of the films for the other best actor nominees, but there'll have to be something extraordinary to outdo McConaughey.

I'm still thinking Gravity or 12 Years A Slave will take the big prize, but imo it's either going to be one of them or Hustle, can't really see much else having a shot, as much as a Dallas Buyers Club or Wolf Of Wall Street win would rather please me. American Hustle I liked, but it's my least favourite of the eight I've seen, and I preferred Silver Linings Playbook.

Not a bad night of Oscar results, i thought. Surprised AH bombed so spectacularly. It seemed popular.

Can't believe the world has gone mental over that 'selfie' pic. Bizarre.
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Re: Last Film You Watched

Postby DiceMan » Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:03 pm

A Million Ways to Die in the West - retarded/10

My little party went to the cinema to see Neighbors (which had been getting good reviews) and the theater it was showing in had technical difficulties so they cancelled that particular show time. We told them about it so they gave us free passes to any other show we wanted to see that was close to the time, and it was between this and some other stuff we weren't particularly interested in.

Anyway, very crude and lowbrow as expected of MacFarlane. I don't have anything against it mind you (in fact I'm a fan), I wasn't disappointed. But even having laughed at it I can say it was -reeeeally- stupid. But hey it was free, so I like to think I came out ahead.
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