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PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 12:57 pm
by Bee Gees Fan
This is a movie that's been in the works for ages now, and it's now nearing completion.

It's written and directed by Patrick Read Johnson, and the story is based on himself (the main character is actually the 16-year-old version of himself.)

It's set in 1977, and 16-year-old Pat Johnson is a film buff. By a stroke of good fortune, he manages to get a trip to a movie studio where he sees a preview of the first Star Wars movie. He's convinced that it's going to be a big hit, and tells everyone in his small town that they have to go and see it, and resolves to see it himself - except several obstacles stand in his way.

Although Pat's being convinced that Star Wars is going to be huge is a theme of the film, the film is not ABOUT Star Wars and I think even if someone isn't interested in Star Wars, they could still enjoy the movie. I've never seen a Star Wars film, and I'm interested in it.

Here's a Youtube link for the trailer.