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The Biggest Mistake People Make

PostPosted: Sat Jun 16, 2012 7:13 am
by Kittysafe
The biggest mistake people make is living beyond their means. I grew up the youngest of five to a single mother and she grew up feeling she had to have a really classy, high society house for entertaining,
and it became a real point of contention growing up... white living rooms no one was allowed in, like that's a smart thing to do with 5 kids... it's just creating problems for no reason...
I often think about life growing up like this and all the unnecessary conflicts, neglect, abuse and good times...

And I couldn't help to think about Niles and The Montana... a penthouse he seems to have bought for similar peer pressure, conditioning my parents grew up with.

It just made no sense for him to live in such a place, he should have moved out, sold all his expensive antiques, or most of them, and moved into a decent place.

Instead he winds up in a hole in the wall... it's a real shame... but I understand it, as I grew up with that mentality in my mother.

Anyway, just something I was thinking about.