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Emmy consideration episodes - Season 2

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Emmy consideration episodes - Season 2

Postby Whisper of cinnamon » Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:47 am

So, if you could have picked the 6 episodes from season 2 to be submitted for Emmy consideration for Outstanding Comedy Series, to show off all the elements that the show could do, which episodes would you choose and why?

Mine would be:

Slow Tango in South Seattle - an underrated episode, not liked by many it seems, that I think is wonderful. The story is really interesting, it's laugh out loud funny but the humour comes from dialogue and emotion rather than slapstick or farce. Also some nice satire of awful novels! Intelligent, sophisticated comedy with moments of genuine emotion.

The Matchmaker - one of Frasier's finest moments, the greatest and most laugh out loud farce the show ever did, superbly constructed.

Daphne's Room - wonderful mix of farce, slapstick and wit

Breaking the Ice - my personal favourite ep of the season, and in my all-time top 5 - beautifully written and performed, laugh out loud hilarious throughout, witty, clever and deeply touching without being sentimental, integrating the genuine emotion with laughs without compromising either - an underrated masterpiece. My favourite scenes in Frasier are always the ones where it's just the main characters sitting around talking to each other, with that combination of wit, depth and warmth.

An Affair to Forget - fantastically clever script, great one-liners and great physical comedy too - this ep really shows how great Frasier was at both physical and verbal comedy.

Dark Victory - shows the wonderful chemistry between the five main cast members together, shows off the warmth and depth of the show - I love the show best when it's in thoughtful, reflective mode. It's the 'main characters sitting around talking to each other' style again - I love this!
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