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Frasier reminders in the real world...

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Frasier reminders in the real world...

Postby TossedSalads&SE » Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:44 pm

Hi all,

Not sure if this has been done yet, but I thought it might be fun if users posted information about places, things or experiences - even people maybe - that have reminded them of the world of Seattle a la Frasier - fictitious and Hollywood constructed tho' it is.
I have one location in the UK to start us off:.....

Boscombe, the electic suburb of Bournemouth, is not only worth visiting purely to see Europe's 1st artificial surf-reef. Travel a little way up from the seafront to the 'town centre' per se (or if train-travel brings you there alight at Pokesdown (which now gives mention to Boscombe on the PA at stations). Depending on which end of Christchurch Road you start at, there are 2 particular businesses that remind me of aspects of the show.
Pokesdown end:
There is a cafe at around about 846 Christchurch Rd (don't take that literally as pulled from Google streetiew) named 'The Coffee House Cafe'. Frasier would know that the name is a little prone to tautology (look it up!) but everything else about it would suit him and Niles perfectly. Featuring a roasting machine of c.120 yrs-old and all the scoops, bean-drawers and rustic charm of Nervosa, their house blends and cappuccinos have been consistently excellent even through changes of ownership. If you head West from Pokesdown station back towards Prince Charles's Sovereign Shopping Centre, it's about three blocks down on your left-hand-side.

Boscombe end
This time on the right hand side a good distance further down Christ'ch Rd - almost as far as the pedestrianised strip - look for a large furniture shop called 'Anna's Furnishings'. You really cannot miss it particularly as there's some pretty avant garde stuff in the window display. This time I'm focusing in on 1 line in particular, although potentially the Frasier style of decor could give rise to another (a Wassili, perhaps?). About half-way from front window to back wall - again you won't miss it - is just about the only display-model Eames-chair and footstool that I have ever stumbled upon around the South-Coast. Worth a look really - but as all Eames's are basically copies consisting of varying craftmanship I cannot vouch for its relative quality. It bears a 'please don't sit on me' notice, unfortunately....and is very pricey. Apparently one thing all good Eames repro's should have is a 5-point footstool star to match that on the lounge-chair....

Whether or not there's enough there to draw any newcomers to Boscombe, can I point out that I do not work for Bournemouth Tourism but would be pleased if anyone takes up this strand at any time.

Anybody have a good link to a free zip-tool download to help me upload the rest of my apartment tour? If so, I'm listening,...

Stephen, Dorset
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