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Perspectives on 8: Mickeba's recap

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Perspectives on 8: Mickeba's recap

Postby mickeba » Mon Jul 17, 2006 5:48 pm

A while back, one of the longest running, most responded to and contentious posts I can remember centered on S8 and how good, or bad it really was. Now that we've all made it through or are nearly done, we've gotten a better picture of what made S8 good, bad or indifferent.

In fairness, 8 is not up to the classic standards of the first 3 or 4 seasons. Those years were true brilliance, as represented by the acclaim, and the Emmy awards won in those years. In fact, Frasier has won more Emmys than any show in history, so there is a track record of television greatness, and the later seasons have always had a lot to live up to. One of the happiest memories I have of Frasier was KG and DHP winning Emmys for the final season of Frasier. Dynamic duo they certainly were.

Exactly where does S8 come down. I have always defended S8 but in fairness have got to say it was the weakest season yet (not counting 11 which came out before 8) of the first 8 seasons. Part of that is the transition of Niles and Daphne into a couple. It needed to be done, pairing them up, but a lot was lost in this match. Niles lusting after Daphne created such magic, and in pairing them, it went as well as could be expected, but did really fall flat much of the time.

I did not like the lovey dovey, new relationship stuff that popped up throughout the year. Yes, you have to include all of that, but so much of it came off as silly and forced. And I think it really highlighted the fact that this was not a realistic and natural pairing. It was a plot device. But I give them courage for taking the chance and making it happen. It did start off promisingly, giving us the classic ATDRAWTS, but afterwards, not so classic.

The tone of S8 is often heavier and deeper than years past which also contributes to some of the dislike of 8. Mickeba gets that. It is a sitcom, and there's not always room for so much drama in the sitcom world, but Frasier is not a "3's company", "3rd rock from the sun", "Gomer Pyle" style, typical sitcom. The standards are higher with Frasier, and with higher standards comes a desire to be more than the ordinary, that's why the dramatic comes in so often.

Mickeba sez, lots to like with S8. The first disc was great. We had ATDRAWTS, the introduction of Ferguson, Great Crane Robbery. New Friend was a Mickeba favorite as was Show must go off. Hooping Cranes and John Glenn in Docu.drama. (jurys still out on that one, for some- but amusing to Mickeba nonetheless) But there were more poor episodes in this season (Mary Christmas, Motor Skills, Legal Tender, Day in May) than in years past. Again, a much weaker season than we Craneiums are used to. That being said, a weak season of Frasier is much better than a strong season of just about any other show.

I do hope that my past defense of S 8 has been redeemed. I thought that the show was still good, 8 was not as bad as many felt it was, but looking at 8 from a fresh point of view, it was not a classic either.

I'll say this. I wish they had wrapped it up after 9. While 11 was a bit of a revival, clearly the last 3 seasons, while offering some gems, showed Frasier had become a show that was nearing conclusion. Watching 8, Mickeba had the sense that there really wasn't much else to accomplish with Frasier. Thinking back to S 9-11, the thought of Frasier ending was unacceptable to Mickeba, but in hindsight, Mickeba would have liked to see them put together a great last year, 15 great episodes out of 22, 4 solids and perhaps 3 clunkers (gotta be realistic-there's always a clunker or two) and go out on a high note. As Niles would say, "Huzzah!" "Bravo Frasier". But that was not meant to be.

Hope all have enjoyed 8, lets look forward to 9.

"It's always darkest, just before it goes totally black!"
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