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Forum postings by Frasier staff members

PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 9:26 pm
by Stu
Over the years the Frasier Online forum has had some illustrious guest posters, most notably former showrunners Joe Keenan and Dan O'Shannon, so BN suggested collating the links to them in one thread.

Joe Keenan

The "Continuity" thread - 2 posts from Joe Keenan.

Quite interesting to read people's reactions to his initial post, and the way he managed to convince the doubters with his second post. I always feel quite proud when I read his last paragraph:

"Yes I have visited this site from time to time, message boards being the procrastinating author’s best friend. I found the story synopses with favorite quotes useful at the end of the season when trying to help the people putting together NBC’s obligatory clip show recall which episodes certain lines had come from. With 264 shows behind us it’s not always easy remembering. "

Two forum members, Sideshow Meg and Chardonnay, took the time to send off an e-mail to Mr Keenan and they generously shared their responses with the rest of the Frasier Online forum:

Emailing Joe Keenan.... do I dare? thread - 1 e-mail response from Joe Keenan

Am I The Luckiest? thread - 1 e-mail response from Joe Keenan

Chardonnay's letter from Joe Keenan! thread - 1 e-mail response from Joe Keenan

Dan O'Shannon

In a seemingly innocent thread, entitled 'Best and Worst of Season 10', I mentioned I had received an e-mail which defended the Niles heart surgery arc in that season, and was signed 'dan o'shannon', and posted it in the thread.

About a month later, a rather angry Dan O'Shannon posted his thoughts about this in the thread, though his follow up was of a far more concillatory nature.

You can read the whole story in the Best and Worst of Season 10 thread.