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Goodnight Seattle - Eddie Goes to Doggie Heaven

PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 5:31 pm
by Ghost_862
The Jack Russell terrier who played Eddie in Frasier has died in California at the age of 16.

Moose played Marty Crane’s faithful dog for more than a decade on the top-rated sitcom.

But he died of old age in his Los Angeles home on Thursday evening, his owner Mathilde Halberg has revealed.

Halberg rescued Moose from the dog pound in the early Nineties, after his owners found his behaviour – including killing the neighbours’ cat – too destructive.

But after six months training, he was ready for TV fame. He retired from Frasier when he turned ten, when his son, Enzo, took over.

Moose's ‘autobiography’, My Life as a Dog, written by Brian Hargrove, was published in 2000.

June 27, 2006