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Don't you wonder....

PostPosted: Thu Apr 27, 2006 2:24 am
by Zoneman
1. In the episode 'Star Mitzvah' how did Martin find out about Niles 'night of amore' with Lilith? I personally think Niles or Frasier would not have told Martin!

2. In the episode 'Whine Club' in the election of corkmaster for the whine club, why didn't the venerable founder of the wine club, Virgil Hepplewhite just cast his vote to break the 14 all tie?

3. In the episode 'Detour' after the very funny encounter between the nanny and Niles in the elevator, who did Daphne talk to on her mobile/cell phone? Didn't the nanny just walk out the elevator after the 'interview' with Niles?

4. In the episode 'The Fight Before Christmas', when Roz arrives at Frasiers apartment watch just as Roz walks into the kitchen to ring up the office to see if their party is still going. Look at Martin sitting at the table - he signals to someone with his hands - he probably didn’t think he was in camera shot. I have watched this episode about 50 times and never noticed it until recently.