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Plot Discrepancy

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Plot Discrepancy

Postby Chardonnay » Mon Dec 19, 2005 8:34 pm

I just watched "Seebee Jeebies", which brought something into my mind. Do you feel that Frasier seems to be rather unknown in the form of public knowledge in this episode, and others in the later Seasons? I know that it was done purposely in the last Seebees episode, but still, he still is not as well known as in the first few seasons. It seems as if he barely known at all by the public, and that he is merely does a small radio show, of little consequence.

This would be fine except for the fact that, even if people did not listen to his show, it is often illuded to that he has lots of advertising around the city, and he even had his own day.

What are your feelings on this? A discrepancy, or just a small point of little intrest?
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