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No more FRASIER R2 releases this year

PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2005 3:19 pm
by Cecil

I just thought I'd give this issue a new thread, seeing as it is of interest to all Frasier fans: It was before in the R1 DVD vs. R2 DVD thrad:

Up until Season 3 the UK & Swedish, Danish and Norwegian releases were released on the same day as UK releases. For season 4 we got a pan-Scandinavian release with all three languages appearing on the same box ( I guess in order to save money on production costs).

Season 4 was released here in April and British Frasier fans had to wait until July for their Season 4.

If anything Scandinavia should release before UK or at the latest at the same time. Since Scandinavian Paramount Executive (also confirmed by customer service) says no more releases in 2005 (albeit season 5,6,7 are scheduled for 2006) then I think the chances for a UK release are very slim too.

To bad for everyone. Time to buy the R1!
At Axel Music the Season 6 is shipping now:



Isn't there a slight difference between Scandinavian and European releases? Imo not getting any Scandinavian releases this year doesn't necessarily mean there won't be any European (UK) releases, or does it?

Re: R1 DVD vs. R2 DVD
Author: Wezzo
Date: 01-09-05 11:21

It doesn't mean that, but I wouldn't bet on anymore UK releases this year anyway.

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Re: R1 DVD vs. R2 DVD
Author: Cecil
Date: 01-09-05 12:13