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Frasier Loves Roz
Episode Details

Written by: Suzanne Martin

Directed by: Philip Charles Mackenzie

Original US airdate: 7th May 1996

Original UK airdate: 6th December 1996

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Bulldog .... Dan Butler
Guest Cast
Ben .... Michael Mitz
Guest Callers
Tom .... David Duchovny

Episode Synopsis

Roz is tired of being a bridesmaid, and Frasier encourages her to consider a change in her dating patterns - perhaps she could develop a relationship with someone of a bit more substance. She follows his advice, but Frasier learns from Niles - confidentially - that Roz's new beau is a predatory heartbreaker. While Frasier tries to steer Roz away from this guy, Daphne says that perhaps Frasier is interested in her - Roz doesn't believe it, but soon, everything Frasier says seems to confirm this. Eventually, Frasier and Niles try to find a way of letting Roz know he is a heartbreaker but not breaking the confidentiality of patient's clause. They rationalise that if Roz were declared mentally incompetent, then it would be alright. So Frasier heads over to Roz's to warn her...

Episode Title Cards
  • No One Said Anything Particularly Amusing For Two Weeks, And Then...
  • Another Curiously Humorless Week Passed Until...
  • Bridesmaid Revisited

Episode Highlights

- A caller phones in, saying he has sex up to 3 times a day:
Tom: Is that abnormal?
Frasier: No, no... it's not fair, but it's not abnormal.

- Roz asks Frasier for advice:
Frasier: Do you want me to answer as a friend or a therapist?
Roz: A friend.
Frasier: See a therapist.

- As Frasier and Niles learn about Roz's now boyfriend:
Frasier: That is the last man Roz should be with.
Niles: Yes, well, knowing Roz, he probably won't be.

- Just as Daphne says Frasier is perhaps interested in Roz:
Frasier: Ben, Ben, Ben! Can't you stop talking about him and pay attention to me for a change!

- In the radio studio:
Frasier: Me and my stupid advice [notices the on-air light] ... will be with you for the next 3 hours.

- The sight of Roz with a hairbrush in her hair

- After Ben has dumped Roz:
Frasier: I've gotta run.
Roz: Yeah, me saying 'I love you' seems to have that effect on people.

- The end credit sequence

Frasier Online Episode Review

A nice episode with some funny parts, most notably when Frasier is trying to warn Roz off Ben and at the same time is convincing Roz that he is in love with her, but I felt that it was never as funny as it could be - the story didn't seem well developed enough, a problem not helped by a script that lacks enough genuinely funny lines. Still, an enjoyable episode nonetheless, with a great tag scene over the end credits.


75 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 78.2%
Total Number of Reviews: 5

Me and my stupid advice..., Dec 06, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

"Frasier Loves Roz" is a charming little character story, with a dash
of Frasier farce thrown in. I do enjoy how the Frasier/Roz
partnership has developed from essentially just two rather different
workmates, to good friends who have a great say in each other's
lives. This episode is a strong continuation of their relationship,
which will only become stronger in subsequent seasons. It's always
nice to see Peri Gilpin get some meaty material, as on occasion she
can be forgotten, and she handles it well.

I agree with previous reviews that perhaps more could've been
made of any one section of this episode: Roz thinking Frasier loves
her, or Frasier's ethical concerns, yet I think everything fits nicely
together. And Martin has one of his funniest moments when he films
the video for future generations of Cranes. Good fun.

Rating: 85%


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