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A Word To The Wiseguy
Episode Details

Written by: Joe Keenan

Directed by: Philip Charles Mackenzie

Original US airdate: 20th February 1996

Original UK airdate: 18th October 1996

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Guest Cast
Jerome Belasco .... Harris Yulin
Guest Callers
Brandy .... Faith Prince
Steve .... Randy Travis

Episode Synopsis

Maris has come to Niles with a problem - she's wanted by the police for a string of unpaid parking tickets and a number of other small offences. He's overjoyed - Maris needs his help, so maybe this is the key to getting back with her. Martin refuses to help Niles, but Roz knows someone through one of her previous boyfriends: Jerome Belasco, someone who "fixes" things for others. Niles and Frasier meet him, who does indeed fix Maris' little problem. Refusing money for his help, he just requests they help him out when he needs it. Unexpectedly, he turns up at Frasier's apartment and asks for the favour to be returned by Frasier telling his fiancee, Brandy, to marry him when she calls for advice. Brandy calls live on air but Frasier, after listening to her describing their relationship, just can't bring himself to say "marry him". Jerome is understandably displeased when he bumps into Frasier again, who tells him his version of their relationship - not quite the same as Brandy's version. Jerome therefore asks Frasier and Niles to help Brandy find a job - one that she cannot lose, and she becomes Niles' secretary.

Episode Title Cards
  • The Little Commodore
  • A Word To The Wiseguy
  • Doesn't Everyone Have Poi Ramekins?

Episode Highlights

- After hearing of Maris' unpaid fines:
Frasier: What else would you expect from a woman who thinks he chocolate allergy entitles her to park in a handicapped space.

Daphne: Can you imagine Mrs Crane confined to a police cell?
Frasier: Only if they moved the bars closer together (!)

- Describing Maris:
Frasier: She's ounces of fun.

- Daphne uses her psychic powers to guess Jerome's profession:
Daphne: Are you a chiropodist?
Jerome: No.
Daphne: That's odd - I can see you hovering over bodies with broken bones.

- After Frasier worries about telling Brandy to marry Jerome.
Martin: I've heard your show - one more piece of half-assed advice isn't going to kill you.....Jerome, on the other hand...
Frasier: Yes, thank you!

- Brandy describes sex with Jerome on-air:
Brandy: I said "What the hell was that? I've been vaccinated slower!".

Frasier Online Episode Review

A pretty enjoyable episode, with Niles' constant 'gangster-speak' he has picked up from films is fun as is the (never seen) Brandy whose voice is probably the funniest thing in the episode - I especially loved her pronunciation of psychiatrist - per-si-key-at-er-ist. Although the plotline seems a tad unrealistic, even for 'Frasier', there are a number of brilliant Maris jokes and a great moment when Jerome arrives at Frasier's apartment unannounced which is followed by Daphne psychically picking up he's a chiropodist as she can see him hovering over broken bones! Not the best of Joe Keenan's work, but a good episode nonetheless.


80 %

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