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The Show Where Diane Comes Back
Episode Details

Written by: Christopher Lloyd

Directed by: James Burrows

Original US airdate: 13th February 1996

Original UK airdate: 11th October 1996

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Diane Chambers .... Shelley Long
Guest Cast
Dr Franklin Crean .... John Carroll Lynch
Mary Anne .... Cali Timmins
Stan .... Perry Stephens
Ned .... Googy Gress
Clark .... Danny Breen
Darla .... Judith Corber Wexler
Mr Carr .... Don Sparks
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Diane Chambers, the woman who once left Frasier at the altar, is in Seattle to oversee production of a play she has written. When she turns up at the station, Frasier rushes over to see Niles who suggests trying to achieve closure. Frasier, however, is determined to rub his success in her face at the dinner she invited Diane to. When she arrives, it seems that she is leading a charmed life, but then the truth comes out. She's lost her job writing on Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, her relationship, and her house. Now she's reaching out to the same man who helped her pull herself together many years ago, by asking Frasier to invest in her play after the main backer pulled out. This starts stirring up repressed feelings - could Frasier possibly be falling for her again?

Episode Title Cards
  • Interplay
  • Foreplay
  • Afterplay

Episode Highlights

- The wonderful opening scene, where Diane appears at the window of the studio.

- After Diane realises she may have said something wrong about Niles and Maris:
Diane: You and she didn't get married and live happily ever after, did you?
Niles: No, can't say as we did.

- The pip spitting bit.

- Diane's twitch.

- The scene where Frasier and Niles 'talk' where Frasier does all the talking, and ends up moving to another table because of Niles being rude.

- When Martin is worried Frasier is falling in love with Diane again:
Frasier: I'm not the old Frasier anymore.
Martin: I suppose you're right. Take me for instance. The old Martin would have said "You're out of your mind. I'd rather see you go gay and shack up with the punk who shot me than go off with her. I'd rather see you sewn up inside the body of a dead horse". But the new Martin says "Vive a l'amour".
Frasier: The new Frasier resists the temptation to correct your French.

- After saying the world doesn't revolve around herself, the play is set in the 'Cheers' bar and is entirely based around that theme.

Frasier Online Episode Review

Shelley Long reprises her role as Diane in 'Cheers' in this amusing episode that to be honest, does require some knowledge of the show to get the most out of it - the play at the end in particular (with Sam = Stan, and Darla = Carla etc). Still, even for non-Cheers viewers, there's still plenty to enjoy including Frasier's reaction to seeing Diane again, and Frasier having to explain to Daphne the part Diane played in his life. A suitable emotional parting of the ways between Frasier and Diane after her play wraps up this enjoyable episode.


80 %

Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 83.3%
Total Number of Reviews: 7

Seek Help, Dec 06, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

One of the delights of rewatching a show like "Frasier" is that,
with each passing year, I'm able to reevaluate my views on
episodes, characters, and moments. I see more and more how
witty and wise this series is, and rewatching the "Cheers"
episodes has been a particularly eye-opening experience. I
enjoyed "Sam" and I'll have a relatively glowing review of
"Woody", but I think "Diane" may just take the cake.

Unlike Sam, Diane Chambers is not the kind of character who
easily fits into the world of another sitcom. Instead, she demands
all of the attention. Luckily, the writers were smart enough to
integrate her with all of the cast, and to keep in mind her lengthy
backstory with Frasier. As a result, this episode is filled with gems.
Frasier's initial panic at her return; the terror in Martin's eyes as
she dines with them; and the ever-so-slightly testy relationship
between her and Niles (why the series never did an episode
analysing Niles' competitiveness with all of Frasier's long-term
paramours is beyond me...).

Diane is undoubtedly the focus of the episode, but since she's
surrounded by our ensemble, it never feels like a gimmick. Her
personal issues - at first well disguised - ring true with the
character, and Shelley Long puts in a dynamic Shelley Long-esque
performance. The "Cheers" play is a bit silly, but it provides an
endearing and powerful goodbye for Frasier and Diane. To me, it's
one of the most powerful moments until the superlative
Frasier/Lilith farewell of season 11.

An unexpected gem.

Rating: 93%


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