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Analyzing The Laughter
Episode Details

Written by: Paul Barrosse

Directed by: Kelsey Grammer

Original US airdate: 13th May 2004

Original UK airdate: 23rd June 2004

Cast Information
Main Cast
Frasier Crane .... Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast
Bulldog .... Dan Butler
Gil Chesterton .... Edward Hibbert
Dr Lilith Sternin .... Bebe Neuwirth
Guest Cast
Analyst .... Fred Willard
Guest Callers

Episode Synopsis

Frasier is being analyzed by a fellow psychiatrist, who gets him to discuss his life starting with his time back in Boston followed by his 11 years in Seattle. The discussion takes in his relationship with his father Martin. his brother Niles, his love life and his thoughts and feelings on the realtionship between Niles and Daphne. Finally, they discuss his relationship this past year with Charlotte.

Episode Title Cards

Episode Highlights

I could say the whole show is as it is a brilliantly put together montage of clips from the show's 11 years, but these are my favourite chosen clips:

- Frasier and Lilith are in 'Cheers' with Frasier preparing himself for some bad news from Lilith by imagining the worst possible thing he can think of:
Lilith: This afternoon, in a moment of extreme weakness, I cheated on you.
Frasier: [Explodes] That was it! That was the worst thing!

- Frasier, Niles and Martin are having a meal together at 'The Timber Mill':
Martin: Sometimes there's nothing like a good steak
Frasier: How I wish this was one of those times (!)

- After Niles tells his brother not to worry about what others think of them, Frasier asks Martin a question:
Frasier: Dad, do you think we're odd?
Martin: No, you're not odd - you're just "special"!

- Martin meets Gil at Niles' Literary Halloween party:
Martin: Who are you supposed to be?
Gil: I'm Chingatchkook, the last of the Mohicans
Martin: Oh, well.... that little mystery solved (!)

- Niles visits Frasier's carrying his 'flour child':
Niles: I think if I ever have to go through the real thing, I'll make quite a wonderful parent.
[Niles takes out his battered and burnt 'flour child']

- A montage of Niles' quirks and eccentricities, ending with:
Frasier: I'd forgotten what a weird little person you are.

- Disaster has befallen the opening night of Frasier and Niles' restaurant, and Frasier needs Daphne and Martin's help:
Frasier [to Martin]: You can gloat later!
Martin: I'll pencil it in!

- Frasier is tired of Niles taking over the care of his plant, so throws it out of the window:
Niles: Are you insane?!
Frasier: If I were, doctor, you'd never know it!

- Martin, Niles and Daphne don't belive that Frasier is dating a supermodel, and look at his like he's nuts:
Frasier: I am not crazy! I am dating a supermodel zoologist - is that so hard to believe?!

- Niles and Daphne are on the balcony at her and Donny's wedding:
Daphne: Oh, for God's sake Dr Crane.
[Niles and Daphne kiss]
Niles: I think you can call me Niles now.

Frasier Online Episode Review

This is not an official episode of 'Frasier' - it was produced by Gay Rosenthal Productions in association with Paramount - but it has the look and feel of one. Screened two days before the last ever episode in the US, and on the same night as the last ever episode in the UK, this is a wonderful trip down memory lane as the show pieces together Frasier's life over the past 11 years in Seattle through a terrific selection of clips which takes in everything from Martin and Niles, to KACL and Roz, to Frasier's love life and his relationship with Charlotte. This is perfect way of spending 45 minutes reminiscing about the show, and serves as an excellent way of leading the audience into the final ever episode.


90 %

Viewer Episode Reviews

Avg. Viewer Review: 88.0%
Total Number of Reviews: 1

Special - 'Analyzing The Laughter', Nov 15, 2005

Reviewer: Jocelyn from London, UK

Shamefully omitted from the Season 11 DVD set, this cracking 'greatest hits' compilation aired shortly before the last ever episode and does an admirable job of piecing together a history of 'Frasier' via a selection of classic clips interspersed with newly-shot scenes featuring Frasier discussing the last 11 years of his life with a fellow analyst (played by Fred Willard, a player in numerous Christopher Guest spoofs). Although Paul Barrosse's linking script is fairly routine and the new scenes suffer from a weedy canned laughter track, they work well enough in coherently bringing all the clips together. Clearly though, the main reason to watch this is the vast array of classic clips, smartly arranged into groups pertaining to each character. Despite some notable omissions, so many of my favourite moments are here - the bathroom scene from 'Daphne's Room'; Frasier's hysterical impersonation of Dr. Mary; the climactic mayhem of 'The Innkeepers'; Frasier going crazy at the end of 'Frasier's Imaginary Friend' ... the whole show is a glorious treasure trove of comic gems. Although this doesn't count as an official episode of 'Frasier', at least one notable writer from the show was involved in it's construction, as Joe Keenan actually revealed to Frasier Online that he had used this site's story synopses and favourite quotes to help the compilers of this special source which episodes certain lines derived from. As an episode, 'Analysing The Laughter' might not satisfy in the way watching one of the greatest complete episodes does, but as a history of 11 years of classic comedy distilled into 45 minutes it's hard to beat.

Rating: 88%


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